Five Things to Remember When Budgeting for a Wedding*

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So you have just got engaged, and would like to start planning your wedding as soon as possible. Congratulations. Weddings can be expensive, and you will need to be vigilant to make sure you get quality services at the right price, and to ensure everything falls into place in the end. Before you start planning, however, you will need to remember the below budgeting tips, so you don’t overspend or waste money on services you don’t need.

1. Agree On The Location Early to Save Money on Bookings

If you are able to choose the location early, you can save a lot of money on catering, venues, wedding car hire, and other services. In contrast, if you book last minute, you will be charged higher fees, as the catering company and wedding planner will be confident that they can sell your slot to dozens of other people. Get a wedding organizer on the case, and sit down early with your family members to find the most suitable location and venue.

2. Limit the Number of People Attending

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You should not have a huge wedding if you cannot afford it. You might choose to invite more people to the reception and only a small number of close relatives to the ceremony itself. Holding a smaller wedding will not take away anything from the special day, and you will be able to feel more comfortable among people you know. If you are planning an outdoor reception, however, you can have more people and throw a party for less than hiring a hotel lobby.

3. Don’t Try to Impress Everyone

Your wedding should be about you, and not your friends’ and relatives’ expectations. You don’t need to fit in the tradition if you don’t want to. Do your own thing, and explain to your family members that you would not feel comfortable with planning an event that doesn’t represent your values. The big day is all about you and your partner, and not your family’s entertainment needs.

4. Let Guests Chip In

If you want to get married abroad, you should not pay for the whole package, instead why not allow guests to contribute? The last thing you want to do is start your married life in debt. Likewise, you can ask your guests to give you a gift voucher for your wedding, instead of buying items you will probably never use or like.

5. Allow Relatives to Get Involved

Your family members are likely to be almost as excited about you getting married as you. Why not let them show their excitement by allowing them to organize different parts of the wedding, getting the flower arrangements in place, or finding the right cake maker? You can save a lot of money if you accept help from relatives instead of using professional services or taking time off work to interview wedding contractors.

Creating a budget for a wedding is challenging for many. Before you could start the budgeting and planning, it is important that you set clear principles and guidelines, and limit the uncertainties that could increase your expenses significantly.

*Contributed by Sam Jones

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