Things To Remember To Balance The 21st Century*

*This is a collaborative post*

In a world filled with instant messaging, videoing and even dish washing, it's hard to believe that we would need tips on how to best live in the 21st century. But the 21st century is a minefield, a thriller of twist and turns awaiting us around every corner. It is hard to navigate and or understand just exactly how to take on the 21st century successfully. A world filled with infinite possibility yet somehow despite all our extraordinary strides in development, transport, medicine, energy and communication, our social problems and personal difficulties seem more predominant than ever. It's a paradox of progress living in this digital age, where we hold the world at our fingertips. If you find it hard to wrap your head around how impressive these technological feats are and the magnitude in which they have and will continue to better our lives, then this is for you. To understand how to utilize best what generations before us could only ever dream of - here are your top five steps for navigating the 21st century as an only a millennial could.

  1. Despite the countless time-saving devices technology has provided us with, we are still complaining - frequently - about our lack of time as we are continually being tethered to our phones taking our jobs, friendships, relationships and social obligations with us, wherever we go. This means that we have little time for ourselves. It's essential in today’s society that you delectation times in which you switch off from the rest of the world - that you disconnect and unwind.

  1. Don't try and understand everything. Just because we use the internet and the new smart home gadgets, this does not mean we need to understand how it is exactly that they operate. We are constantly being bombarded with information - Information that is helpful and information that's not. It's hard for us to sift through all the things that are thrown at us in a day and decide what is of value and what isn't. Don't be afraid to utilize professionals in the industry to help you, whether it is with an old data recovery or to fix your new kitchen appliances. There is a reason why we have so many skilled professionals because although we have better access to information and education than any generation before, this doesn't mean that we ourselves need to be professionals in every field.

  1. Back up. This information sounds really monotonous, especially today where we all have access to the cloud where all our personal information sits somewhere safely in the sky but it is vital. With all our data being digital: our banking details, ID’s, images videos and other personal details, it's important to ensure that it is safeguarded. We no longer have safes with large locks hidden at the foot of our beds that we can monitor - knowing at all times that it is safe. Now it's essential to ensure that you have your information saved somewhere safely - twice.  You also should have a data recovery specialist on speed dial. See point above. It's better to be safe than sorry.

  1. Delayed gratification. Remember that saying - happiness is not a destination it's a journey? Well despite the inevitable changes and fast-paced lives we live now, this quote is still very applicable. Life is about the journey, and if we are more concerned about our instant result, we miss the best part of living. Try and be present, try and minimize your need or desire for an immediate quick fix. Remember that good things take time, that those things are worth waiting for. Be patient.

  1. The world is big, but screens are small. The digital age lends us to be more connected than ever before; we can apply for jobs across oceans, communicate through messaging and video, send overnight deliveries all with the click of the button. But just because we can do everything from the comfort of our own homes doesn't mean we should. These technological advancements are meant to help make life easier but not to take the act of living away from us. Make sure that you're experiencing what life has to offer and not just virtually through a screen but in a tangible world that you can touch, see and feel.

Although we can have whatever we want at the touch of a button it doesn't mean we should. We should monitor our uses from these devices that were created initially for our liberation but now seem to jail us in a virtual world. We can often forget to stop and admire our surroundings, to stop and smell the roses. We need to remember that cutting back on our sleep and personal time to try and commit ourselves to the constant and instant world of technology is not actually healthy.

*Written by Ethan Thomas

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