The Trials & Tribulations Of Planning An Outdoor Wedding*

*This is a collaborative post*

Planning any wedding is bound to be stressful and time-consuming, but when you're thinking of having an outdoor wedding, this can be even more so. The trouble with an outdoor wedding is the unpredictability of the weather, and this is something you will need to try and work around as best as you can if you want to make it the day you really want. Planning your dream day outdoors is by no means an impossible task, and as long as you pay attention to a few key aspects you should find it surprisingly easy to do. Let’s look at what you should consider if you want to have an outdoor wedding that everyone will love.

Tenting It Out

For a truly original solution to outdoor accommodation, you could think about using tents. As long as you are sure that your guests would actually enjoy this, having tents for your wedding could be perfect and one of the best ways you could approach the day. When you think of tents, you are probably picturing something small and muddy. However, you can easily rent out some more professional and polished tents, and it is these which will be truly appreciated by your guests. Sleeping under the stars could be a truly romantic way to spend your wedding night, so this might be a fantastic option which you will never look back on.

Preparing For All Eventualities

Obviously enough, your number one concern is going to be the weather right? And yet the solution is simple! You just need to plan for every eventuality, no matter what the weather, have it covered! Hot and sunny? No problem. Rainy? Why not consider hiring out a huge marquee from Fews Marquees and protect everyone from the rain that way. If you know it is going to be particularly bad, it is worth informing your guests beforehand too. Of course the sensible thing would be to try to plan your wedding for a time of year which is likely to be kind to you weather wise. However, as we all know, there is never a guarantee of good weather, but this could at least make it much more likely.

Giving Guests Due Warning

It is only polite to ensure that you have given your guests plenty of due warning that it is going to be an entirely outdoor event. Not only will this mean that they can prepare for possible weather troubles, but it is also important because it will alter what people will choose to wear, and what they will probably just leave in the wardrobe. Be sure to tell them on the invitation that it is an outdoor wedding, and that way nobody can complain that you did not let them know.

As long as you allow yourself to plan it all out in advance, you can enjoy your outdoor wedding greatly. It's meant to be the best day of your life, so be sure to get it right. 

*Contributed by Sam Jones

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