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For people like me, Christmas is just a wonderful time of the year and for a multitude of varying reasons. Whether it is the general wave of festive cheer which seems to pervade the collective national psyche for a few weeks, or the pretty lights, trees and decadent decorations, the reasons as to why I try and make the most of Christmas are as wide and varying as one could imagine, and I'm sure most of you will have some of your own reasons as to why Christmas is a special time. For me however - and I have to be honest here - one of the highlights of Christmas is the food! 

From the mountains of sweets to the heaps of luxurious chocolates to the piece de la resistance, the Roast Christmas Dinner; it's a time where the majority of us can expect to gain a few pounds through over indulging in the many taste bud tantalizers which seem to appear at this time of year. However, there are many people out there who suffer from gut health issues for whom Christmas can seem like a culinary obstacle course. Thanks to recent advancements in medical science and research the diagnosis' of many physical afflictions relating to gut problems and general poor digestive health are now much easier to detect and to treat. The downfall of course being that a large number of people are suffering either knowingly or unknowingly from poor gut health

Gluten/ Lactose/ Dairy intolerances and other digestive problems were unheard of a few years ago, poor gut health can have many implications and none of them exhibit any properties of gentleness to put it mildly. Sufferers may have to be selective and very careful in the kinds of foods they can eat, which for me would be really difficult. We just get so much pleasure from eating food and tasting all the Christmas goodies on offer.

Gut health is integral to our general health, yet for the majority of people, we only deal with the problem reactively when in fact there are some simple ways in which to prevent poor gut health and to keep one's digestive system 'firing on all cylinders'. Of course the obvious method is to eat a healthy and balanced diet, plenty of fruit and vegetables of as many varieties as possible and a good source of fibre. Even increasing the amount of water you drink can aid you immeasurably. (In fact on that note you probably aren't drinking enough water, consider for one second please the following; Every single chemical reaction which takes place in your body H2O is present, every signal sent through your nervous system to the breakdown of foods in the gut. So drink plenty of water!) 

Another simple step we can take in our battle against bad gut health is to add a nutritional supplement to our daily diet. You may have heard of these. Some are drinks which are basically designed to help keep one's guts in great health. Others such as Bimuno come in a powder form and can be added to tea, coffee or another drink of choice. Bimuno works in three ways. It resets the friendly bacteria in our gut, helps to maintain a healthy immune system and also works with our natural systems. Users can expect a significant increase in gut Bifidobacteria within seven days. 

Bimuno have recently carried out research and although this shows that Christmas can be a difficult time for our guts, it also highlights that taking Bimuno daily can actually help to make life a little easier and will promote the growth of good bacteria. 

If you or someone you know suffers from poor gut health, be sure to let them know about BimunoYou never know, it might actually turn out to be one of the best gifts of the year!

*Written by Michael David

*Facts provided by Bimuno

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