Dissecting Root Causes Of Mental Health Problems*

*This is a collaborative post*

People often think that mental health is a bit of a mystery. We don’t know why people develop depression, we don’t know why people have personality disorders like schizophrenia. But actually, believe it or not, experts have pinpointed root causes of mental health issues, and by understanding these, we can fight back against the problems associated with them. It’s a lot like cancer. On the surface, it can seem like nothing's wrong, but beneath the skin, there is always something impacting the body or in this case, the mind.

Food Trouble

It’s no secret that the food you eat does impact your mental health and the changes can be quite drastic. Obviously, the most prevalent example of something we consume that impacts our emotion, and mental health would be alcohol. We’re not just talking about when you’re drinking it either. Afterwards, it can impact how you feel about others and the world around you in severe ways. The same is true for food.

Chocolate can give you a high, but afterwards the low can be even more severe. But even on a broader level, the food we eat can impact our emotions and thus our mental health. For instance, if you eat organic food you might actually feel happier compared to constantly eating processed meats and other foods that are considered unhealthy. There are many thoughts on why this is, and some suggest that it is to do with the antibiotics that are still present in the meat.

Life Moving Too Fast

Did you know that time is actually moving faster in recent years? Obviously, not literally but mentally for us it certainly is. This means when it feels like the world is going faster and the years are speeding by they actually are. The reason is a mixture of our dependence on technology and how automated the world is today. Soon, you’ll be able to sleep through another ten or twenty percent of your life. What are we talking about? Well, that’s roughly how much time you spend in traffic, and when automated cars are introduced, you won’t have to even pay attention to the road.

Of course, the downside of time going so quickly is that we are constantly under pressure and constantly stressed. Thankfully, there are ways to combat this problem because you can make sure that you are practising mindfulness. Mindfulness wellbeing courses can teach you how to focus on things that you are missing in life and by doing this improve mental health.

Letting Problems Build

There’s a very old joke. People avoid seeing a therapist for as long as possible and then one day they wake up crazy. Like physical health issues, the problems grow worse to the point where they can become completely unmanageable. This just shows that in a way, we could all do with a little therapy from time to time. Cognitive therapy can help you handle an issue that you may not be aware you’re even dealing with because it’s bothering you a subconscious level.

Understanding the issues, you can look after your own mental health.

*Contributed by Sam Jones


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