Quality Not Quantity - and Other 3 Word Wisdoms*

*This is a collaborative post*

If you are a shopaholic but you want to save money, there are 7 mantras that will certainly help you to reassess your needs and avoid overspending. But what about the philosophy behind those mantras?

3 word phrases are often all you need to understand the basic principles of good shopping habits. In fact all good things seem to come in 3 because there are 3 phrases that really underpin the whole lifestyle.
Quality not Quantity
Some things are worth spending a little more money on initially to get you the best long term deal. Clothes are the best example of this. Throwaway fashion is such a booming industry right now but you can guarantee that if you bought half the clothes for the same money, they would last twice as long (if not more!).

Instead of buying lots of wear once cheap clothes, investing in a wardrobe of high quality basics like white t-shirts, good jeans and proper shoes is well worth it. You can always accessorise your outfits to give the impression that you are wearing lots of different things. Be warned though, once you have switched to high quality clothes, there’s no real turning back!
Invest to Save
Investing on one thing to save on another is a good bit of money magic. Appliances in the home are the best example here, though the effects aren’t as easily tangible as your clothes. This is because you are saving on electricity, gas or water rather than having to actively throw stuff that is no longer worthwhile out. However, investing in an efficient appliance will quickly show up on your decreasing bills.

For example, you might have a really inefficient water heater that costs a lot to run each month when you could invest in a tankless gas water heater and save money each month. This change over might cost a lot to start with but when your monthly energy bills come down, you will quickly see the results.

Don’t allow yourself to be put off by expensive items that will benefit you in the long term. If you have the money to invest now, make the most of it and save later.
Don’t Buy Happiness
Or rather, don’t try to buy happiness. It’s impossible; you can’t do it. Happiness is one of those things that you can’t really quantify or apply a specific list of musts to achieve (though someone did try). You just know whether you are happy and what makes you happy. And throwing money at it isn’t necessarily a good way to go about it. Because, whoever you are, debt will make you unhappy.

Finding cheap ways to bring your mood up isn’t just a good way to keep you in pocket, it’s
also the best way to appreciate life. A candle lit bath or a film night with friends are both cheap and relaxing but they also don’t come with a burden of more stuff from the shops. Similarly, a country walk with your dog (or a borrowed dog) will bring you close to nature, get that sunshine on your face and boost your mood too.


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