Bad Smells be Gone*

*This is a collaborative post*

Have you noticed a funky smell around your property lately? Are you struggling to maintain aromatic excellence in your home? It happens to us all from time to time, and it can make it difficult for us to relax, or too embarrassed to have people over because it can make it seem like we aren’t exactly keeping on top of the cleaning (even if we are).

The Good news is, it’s pretty easy to banish bad smells from the home. Here are a few ways to do just that:

Identify the Source

You might look like a mad man or woman going around the home sniffing everything and everywhere, but if it means you can identify the source of the problem, it’s definitely worth doing. Remember to check outside because it could be that your drains and blocked and the smell is getting inside, In that case, a blocked drain specialist will sort you out. Otherwise, if you can find what whiffs, bin it and clean the area it was in and the jobs a good one!

Clean the Dishwasher and Washing Machine

Quite often, bad smells emanate from dishwashers and washing machines, which although they do a lot of cleaning, are not often cleaned themselves. If that’s the case, all you need do is give them a clean by placing a cup of white vinegar in the slot you’d usually place the washing powder or the top rack of the dishwasher. You can, of course, also buy chemical-based products to do the same job, but vinegar really is more effective and earth and body friendly.

Place Baking Soda in the Fridge

Placing an open box of baking soda in the fridge will soak up any unpleasant odours i there. Of course, so will throwing out that broccoli that you bought a month ago and never got around to eating!

Speaking of baking soda, sprinkling it on carpets, perhaps with a few drops of essential oil, leaving for a few moments and then vacuuming will help to get rid of any smells that are coming from your carpet!

Open the Windows

Yes, letting fresh air into your home each day will make a huge difference to how good your home smells. Is it really worth mentioning?

Make Your Own Air Freshener

Commercial air fresheners are full of questionable chemicals, and many of them don’t smell particularly pleasant at all. That’s why, if you want your home to always smell good, you might want to make your own. Air fresheners made from essential oils smell more natural, and they’re better at covering up bad odours if you choose the right ones!

Feed the Dog Charcoal

If your home’s bad smells emanate mostly from your beloved pet, then feeding him animal-safe, vet approved charcoal tablets could help to eliminate the problem and bring harmony back to your home. It works for humans too!

Hopefully, this will help you to eliminate most of the bad smells from your home. Then, it’s just a matter of keeping a regular cleaning schedule and perhaps investing in some nice scented candles to keep it that way!

*Contributed by Sam Jones

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