Tattoos And How They Tell Our Story - Guest Post By Mia Taylor

Expressing yourself and your thoughts, beliefs, and opinions has never been easier than these days, when people are encouraged to fearlessly speak their mind. Some do it through music, writing poetry, or their fashion choices, while others express themselves through getting tattoos, which is a unique form of body modification. Each tattoo in this world has a story to tell, and if you want to know what are the messages people try to send through their tattoos, just stay with us and keep on reading. Here are some of the most common stories our tattoos tell.

They celebrate our strength and encourage self-love

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of people actually decide to get a tattoo for a deeply personal reason, which means that these tattoos aren’t just a matter of a trend that’ll pass sooner or later. On the contrary, tattoos indeed have a meaning which can be linked to some important events or crossroads in one’s life, or even as a permanent reminder of one’s success and achievement. Many people choose to get a tattoo to face with their deepest fears, and try to embrace them in order to live a happier life. Besides that, tattooing a part of the body you’re ashamed of or you don’t like is also a great way to deal with your insecurities and start appreciating yourself, with all your good and bad sides. Tattoos can really help you to love yourself and celebrate your strength, and that’s exactly what makes them so powerful and worthwhile.

They honour our loved ones

Apart from teaching us to love ourselves and embrace both our flaws and good sides, tattoos are often done to honour our loved ones. Black and white tattoos are probably the most popular ones since these are quite realistic, which means that they depict people you love exactly as they look (or looked) like. Apart from the portraits, you can also opt for verse tattoos that pay tribute to your loved ones, as well as for copying their handwriting and turning it into a script tattoo. Honouring people who are no longer with us is one of the most common reasons to get this type of a tattoo, which is one of the best ways to always remember him or her, by looking at your tattoo every single day. Some people also honour their pets through getting a tattoo, which shows a strong connection between a human and an animal that lasts a lifetime.

They tell a lot about one’s personal style

Apart from getting inked for deeply personal reasons stated above, many people these days love making a fashion statement by getting tattooed, which tells a lot about their personal style and lifestyle in general. Expressing your attitudes, thoughts, and beliefs through body modification is exactly what more and more people all over the globe started embracing as a legit part of their life. That’s completely fine as long as they’re happy with it, but the truth is that some of them actually regret those decisions later in life. On the other hand, the majority of people stand behind their choices no matter what, which is what really shows the strength of their character. As for the current trends in tattooing, we can say that intricate Japanese tattoos in Sydney are a major hit, whereas dotwork tattoo are adored in the USA.
Rihanna is absolutely head over heels with her Egyptian goddess Isis, as well as Jourdan Dunn, an actress and fashion model who also has this motif tattooed on her body. As you can see, the era of tattoos inspired by Egyptian culture hasn’t ended yet, and it seems that it’ll keep going strong for a long time.

Even though the aforementioned reasons are the most common ones that inspire people to get a tattoo, it’s important to say that there are so many unknown reasons that encourage people to get inked and remember a certain event, person, or a thought in their life. No matter what motivates you to do it, just be sure you think it through carefully, and you’ll definitely get a unique mark on your body you’ll never regret choosing!

Mia Taylor is a fashion and beauty enthusiast from Sydney and writer for She loves writing about her life experiences. Travelling and enjoying other cultures and their food with her husband is a big part of her life. She is always on the lookout for new trends in fashion and beauty, and considers herself an expert when it comes to lifestyle tips.


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  1. Tattoos are personal to every individual and often have a deep, meaningful purpose, great post :) Love the fox tattoo in the first photo, do you know who the artist is?


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