Tis The Season To Be Warm And Cosy ft. Julian Charles*

*This is a collaborative post*

Ahhh tis the season to be warm and cosy! 🙂

Okay okay, I know it’s still a while until Christmas, but autumn and winter is my personal all time favourite time of year!

Of course I love summer, who doesn’t? Long sunny warm days and summer holidays laying on the beach with a cocktail in hand, but let’s face it, in the uk we don’t have great summer weather so I love to embrace the cold winter months! There’s so much I love about it. 
The fashion for a start, nice big coats, hats scarves and boots and I’m lucky enough to have a very talented mum who knits me lots of winter fashionables, all one of a kind of course. Halloween is a favourite of mine, carving pumpkins and putting tealight candles in them, they become somewhat of an ornament during October in my household. Not forgetting bonfire night, wrapping up warm to see the delights of a firework display while keeping toasty in front of the bonfire whilst perhaps enjoying a warm spiced cider or toffee apple. 

Now most people absolutely detest it being dark while driving to work and dark again on the commute home, they find it miserable to say the least! I however love it.... oooooh I find it so cosy, especially if it’s raining outside. You’ve got to admit the sound of the rain gently hitting against the window when you’re all warm and cosy inside is somewhat comforting. In fact as I write this I’m sat in my comfy pj’s with my fluffy cream throw, a glass of red wine in hand and my lovely pooch laid on my legs snoring away.... yes I’m slightly getting a “dead leg” but she’s too cute to wake her haha.

I become a bit of a hermit during winter and I’m not ashamed to say so. I love to kit out my home with comforts to make my living room cosy. I tend to always have candles burning and I’ve recently discovered incense sticks...ahhh the smell and smoke they give off makes the room seem warmer somehow. A low lit lamp and comfy blanket are an absolute must for me! Even if i do have the thermostat turned up to the max, under a luxury cosy throw such as these from Julian Charles is where you’ll find me, so as we enter the cold autumn and winter months, I wish you all a warm and cosy one.

Peace and love.

Mi-Mi xx

*Guest written for GirlGoneDreamer, you can read more from Mi-Mi here

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