Entrepreneurs Who Motivate Me

I've always been told that I'm a dreamer and that I'm over ambitious. I don't doubt this to be true but it has never once stopped me from striving forwards nor has it held me back. On the contrary, hearing this has only ever made me more determined. I still have many goals to achieve and I love writing these down and working out a plan of action. 

I've followed the careers of many entrepreneurs because I admire what they have accomplished. It only fuels my own ambition and motivates me to keep on going. If they can do it, so can I right?

Here are just a few;

Sir Richard Branson 

Funnily enough I was just listening to Richard Branson on Radio 2 the other day. He really tickled me with some of the things he was coming out with, not least when he referred to the station as Radio 1! Ha ha oops! I love that even though he's a multi billionaire and has achieved so much, he's still just so down to earth. 
Most of you will have heard of Richard, but incase you haven't, Richard wanted to be an entrepreneur from a young age. He went on to set up his first business at the age of sixteen which was a magazine called Student. Fast forward to present day and Richard now has many notches to his belt. You'll probably have heard of the Virgin Group which has become huge, controlling more than four hundred companies.

Oprah Winfrey

Born into poverty, Oprah Winfrey had it rough. If you don't know of this rags-to-riches story then it's one to google. A victim of sexual abuse at the hands of her family, she also lost her son when he was just a baby. Apparently now the wealthiest African American of the 21st century, she has probably become one of the most influential people on the planet. Oprah is probably most well known for being the host of The Oprah Winfrey Show. She is also amongst other things, an actress and author. Talk about being one busy lady! 

Alan Sugar

Alan Sugar has become somewhat of a celebrity since The Apprentice. You must have heard of him? In 2016 the Sunday Times Rich List estimated his fortune at over one billion and ranked him as the 95th richest person in the UK. His largest business venture to date was Amstrad, a British electronics company. You might also be interested to know that Amstrad was founded by Alan in 1968 when he was just twenty one. He was also chairman of football club Tottenham Hotspur. 

Victoria Beckham

I don't doubt that there will have been some cringes at the mention of this name but hey - I always admitted to being a Spice Girl fan - and besides, Victoria has achieved so much, you can't deny it. Although some might not class Victoria as an entrepreneur, she actually is when you take a step back and look at her career. She started off as a singer and has since built a fashion empire and become a successful businesswoman. Given that she's also a hands on mum to four, I have always been somewhat in awe of her. 

Which entrepreneurs do you admire? Or perhaps you're a budding entrepreneur yourself! 

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