What We Really Think About Online Dating*

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Dating in the 21st century is a lot more casual now than it used to be, and there are a lot more older people who are single nowadays too. This could be either because people have married early and then unfortunately the relationship has broken down, or because they just haven't found the 'one' yet. 

Like me for example! I'm thirty, still on the dating scene and have recently taken to the world of online dating.

Online dating is a lot more socially acceptable now than it used to be, there seemed to be a taboo about it at one time, but now everyone is at it!

I remember a couple of years after my parents split, my dad asked me to take a pic of him on his camera (this was before the selfies on smart phones had taken over) and I remember being horrified and saying to my sister, 
'Ewww, I think dad is going to set up a profile for online dating! How embarrassing!' 
Now, here I am - many profiles later - dating guys I've met online. 

There are so many sites to choose from out there too. Some that are very quick and to the point, a couple of uploaded photos later, a short bio with name, age and area and hey presto, get swiping! 

Then you have the more detailed in depth sites where you can add so much more information such as what you are looking for, what your likes, dislikes and interests are, even full blown love chemistry tests to find your 'perfect match.' 

Whether you're looking for a mature dating website or for singles in your area, there's bound to be an appropriate dating site out there just waiting for you! Some worth mentioning are over 50's dating CornwallBerkshire dating site, West Midlands dating, Leicestershire dating and County Down dating.

I've tried many different sites and have been on many dates. Luckily for me, no horror disaster dates - Yet! I've always met really lovely guys, just no-one that has made me feel excited. I sometimes think I'm not going to look for Mr Right anymore... He'll find me! :)

What We Really Think About Online Dating

There appears to be quite a split view on online dating, some people think it's a great way to meet people for lots of different reasons. For example, it's great because you have it all there in front of you, what they look like, any common interests and such like. It allows you to chat and get to know someone without even having to swap numbers or give out your details before you've met. I'm personally not a massive texter and would much prefer to meet up sooner than spend weeks texting someone, because in all honesty, how well can you get to know someone hiding behind a screen and emojis? You never really know someone until you meet them face to face. 

On the other hand, some people find online dating too forced and unnatural, they're just not keen on chatting to someone they don't know over the internet. And let's face it, you could be deep in conversation with someone when another suitor comes along who sends you a message. Next thing you know, you're talking to him instead. You'd never actually do that in real life would you? Be chatting to a perfectly pleasant person at a bar, perhaps show an interest, to then just walk off because - oooh hello - someone else has just walked in that you really like the look of! See ya later... 

Then there's the first date which can be nerve wracking and awkward at the best of times. You sometimes find yourself sat across from someone, over analyzing them wondering - 'Do I fancy him?' or 'Do I see myself with him in the future?' And 'Oooh this will never work, just look at his shoes!' We can have a tendency to become dismissive and critical when we wouldn't normally be.

Attitudes Towards Dating

I think our attitudes towards dating and relationships seems - on the whole - very relaxed. Some people know exactly what they want and are quite vocal about it. Of course not everyone is looking for a long term relationship, some are just looking for no strings adult dating, casual hook ups and maybe see where it goes from there.
I myself have stumbled across these kind of profiles on dating websites where they have clearly stated 'I know what I want, I'm looking for like minded people and if you're easily offended then I'm not for you.' Fair enough. 

How about you? What are your thoughts on online dating? Have you ever tried it and if no, would you?

*Guest written for GirlGoneDreamer by Mi-Mi x


  1. i can still remember a time when online dating was taboo, and telling people you'd met online was usually pretty hush hush! crazy to think how much has changed now!

    i've been in a relationship for the last 6 years so have managed to avoid the 'dating' scene, i did always used to think it was too forced and unnatural like you mention, and also that only weirdos were on dating websites (duh! haha)...but it's so commonplace now i reckon i'd definitely be getting my swipe on if I was single!

    katie xx lacoconoire.com

    1. Yes that's true, I still get messages now warning me off the so called 'weirdos'! Luckily I haven't come across any, just seems to be the new and modern way to find love ❤️
      Mi-Mi xx


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