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I remember my dad saying to me when I was a spotty teenager that I'd one day hit the age when my skin would be flawless and spot free... Well I'm still waiting for that day dad! As such I'm always on the lookout for tips to create a flawless looking complexion. 

Whilst I find that makeup does help to hide my blemishes well - especially when I use my Chanel liquid makeup - I don't particularly like having to cake my face in foundation and concealer every single day. I've done a bit of research and here is what I've learned about preventing breakouts. Needless to say, I'm now on a mission to be completely blemish free!

Hydration Is Key

Drinking plenty of water helps to flush out your system and get rid of toxins. This is supposed to in turn help your skin so I'm now planning on drinking at least one litre a day. Watch this space... 


I'm a believer in everything in moderation - yes, even chocolate too - but it goes without saying that whatever you put on the inside will show on the outside. The healthier you eat, the better your skin and body will look for it. So make sure you incorporate plenty of fruit and veg into your diet.

When Over The Counter Medications Don't Work

Some over the counter medications can be great, Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid are just two that you may have heard of or even tried. But unfortunately for some of us, over the counter meds just don't always do the trick. 

Antibiotics are sometimes a necessity and are a popular and effective way to treat some forms of acne. You can usually book an appointment with your GP to discuss this or alternatively thanks to the digital era, you can now book a free consultation with The Independent Pharmacy Online Doctor. Following your consult, if it's deemed appropriate, you can then purchase relevant mediation such as Tetralysal 300, an oral medication often used to treat acne. 

Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise

I'm always rushing about so I barely have time to moisturise let alone do the whole three step cleansing ritual but there's a lot to be said for it. How do I know? Because once upon a time I used to cleanse, tone and moisturise religiously! I should really get back into a routine. If you don't have time to cleanse properly, at least make sure that you always take your makeup off before going to bed.


Leaving dirt, grime and dead skin cells on the surface of your skin will only lead to clogged pores and in turn, nasty breakouts. You can help to get rid of these dead skin cells by exfoliating a couple of times a week. 

Other tips to consider...

Don't touch your face. We all mess with our hair and have a habit of touching our faces, but it's best to try not to as you'll only be transferring bacteria from your fingers to your face. Yuck! 

Don't forget that other items can also transfer bacteria to your face such as your pillowcase and your phone. Change your pillowcase on a regular basis and make sure your phone is clean or at least hold it slightly away from your face when in use. And if you use makeup brushes, be sure to clean them once a week.

Do you suffer from acne? Have you any tips to share with us?

*Please note I am not a medical professional and as such I always recommend seeking medical advice before trying any medications, topical or otherwise. 

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