Looks Good On You! - Which Colours Do Woman Prefer Men To Wear?*

*This is a collaborative post*

Did you know that colours are associated with different feelings and perceptions? Advertisers know this and so will often use this to their advantage when promoting their products. 

Research has shown that the colour of a man’s shirt can perceive them in a particular way, so for intance, if a man is looking to come across as powerful, he should opt to wear red. If he wants to exude confidence, he should choose black. 

In this post we have teamed up with Charles Tyrwhitt, experts in gentlemen’s fashion and retailers of men’s formal shirts, to investigate further and find out exactly which colours women prefer on men.

What does each colour signify?

Some of the following colours were found to be more popular and liked by women due to their associations;


Red is traditionally associated with Valentine’ Day and all things romantic – it signifies love and passion. It is thought that this attraction to red comes from our biological roots – many animals such as baboons are attracted to the opposite sex if they display bright colours. 

If a man opts to wear red on a first date, it might be somewhat overpowering but it does give off some vibes that a woman might be interested in. For example, red is linked with power and a strong social status! 

Research found that wearing red actually boosted the wearers own confidence, making them more chatty and self-assured. A red shirt can also indicate that you have good health and are financially stable, two more things a woman may have on her checklist when looking for a new partner.

One survey was designed to explore the attractiveness of men in different colours, data showed that red was found to be more attractive than blue or green. This was a global consensus – suggesting women share many of the same opinions on men’s fashion!


Similar to red, black can be perceived as the colour of self-assurance – over half of women surveyed said that it inspired confidence. How often do we go to our trusty little black dress on a date or night out? Other comments included that the colour black made the wearer appear more intelligent and sexy. Men look particularly attractive when wearing a dark ribbed crew neck jumper or slim fit roll neck!

Black has always proven a popular colour for formal events. But too much black can be overpowering, and dare we say, a little safe? So if you are buying your partner a new outfit or if you're shopping with them – avoid going for complete head to toe black. It is a versatile colour so don’t be afraid to mix and match, for example denim jeans and a black shirt is a good casual outfit for many events. 


Apparently a favourite for many women, white is generally a go-to colour when men are stuck for what to wear. It was perceived to be the least arrogant of colours and instead gave off the impression that the wearer was full of optimism!

Although a white formal shirt is stylish and classic, during research it was the definitive white t-shirt and jeans combo that caught the ladies’ eyes. 

Some colours just aren’t that attractive!

In many surveys it was orange and brown that came rock bottom and consistently performed poorly. Probably something that women are already familiar with, but a brown shirt is a no-go for a man. Brown and orange are perceived as boring, drab colours although a bright orange shirt could brighten up a man’s outfit nicely on a summer’s day.

Other tips to consider...

If you're choosing a shirt for your other half, consider the following tips:

Many men look great in a colour that matches their eyes. If your partner has green eyes then perhaps opt for a moss green shirt which is a popular colour this season

Avoid buying dark colours if your partner has a pale complexion as this can really wash out their skin tone and make them look even paler. 

If your other half has dark hair and skin, choose bright colours as these are likely to compliment more.

*This is a guest post edited by GGD

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