Regain Control of Your Home and Garden With These Steps*

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Do you feel like your home and your garden are no longer under your control? It’s a pretty common feeling, to be honest. When you have a family and career to think about, you often don’t pay as much attention as you should to your home and how it’s functioning. But this can be damaging not just to your home but also to the relationships in your life and family. Read on if you want to learn how to regain control with the help of some pretty simple steps.

Lay Down the Law

You definitely need to lay down the law and do everything possible to regulate how your home is used. If things have become so messy and chaotic that no one is doing the most basic things right in the home, making some house rules is a good place to start. That way, everyone will know where they stand and what’s expected of them in the home. It’s not much to ask, but it will make a difference. Learn more about how to do this at


Delegate Tasks and Hand Out Responsibilities

If there are multiple people living in your home, whether it’s your flatmates, family or a partner, everyone should be pulling their weight. That means delegating tasks to people and expecting them to contribute in the right way. It’s not always easy to take control and delegate tasks, but someone needs to do it. Otherwise, you will be left with a situation in which one person’s doing all the work while everyone else does not much at all. That hardly seems fair.

Find the Right Tools and Appliances to Make Life Easier

One of the reasons why our homes fall into disrepair and become almost unmanageable is because of a lack of time. When we don’t have time to dedicate to the tasks we need to do, we fall behind and more problems continue to arise in the home. That’s why you need the right tools, appliances and gadgets to make your life easier and faster. Head to if garden equipment is what you need. Then you’ll be able to regain control of your garden in no time.

Put Everything In Its Place

In your home, everything you have should have its own place. If that’s not the case, your home will become more messy and dis-organised than it already is. And that’s the last thing you want. There should be a place where each item you possess can be stored away and found again when you’re next looking for it. It’s a simple change to make, but it has a huge impact on your home and how you use it each and every day of the week.

Cut Down on Clutter

While you’re making changes to your home and garden, you need to make an effort to cut down on clutter in your home. If you can do that, you will find that your home begins to transform before your eyes. That’s just what you want, and it’s something that you should certainly be focusing on if you’re not already. The space will open up, and your home will immediately start to feel less oppressive and claustrophobic. Get rid of anything you no longer need or want.


Ensure Mutual Respect for All

Mutual respect is something that every household should have. Of course, the house itself can’t be respectful. But it needs to be a place in which everyone has respect for everyone else. Not having that is one of the reasons why problems arise in the first place. Don’t allow your home to descend into chaos just because people are not treating each other with respect and understanding. It’s not easy to change behaviours, especially within families, but it’s worth the effort.

Once You’re in Control, Stay in Control

Finally, you need to understand the importance of staying in control once you’ve managed to regain it. You can’t just slip back into your bad old ways because it will just take you right back to where you began sooner or later. Don’t let that happen to you. Make long-term changes rather than short-term ones. It might sound like a pretty simple thing to say, but in reality, it takes hard work and real effort on your part. But it needs to be done. Otherwise, this all will have been for nothing.

Regaining control of your home and garden doesn’t have to be an impossible mission. If you make the most of whichever tips above apply to you, you’ll succeed in no time.

*This piece was contributed by Sam Jones.*

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