How To Find A Career That You're Going To Stick With*

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At some point in your life, you might find yourself jobless. It may not be through any fault of your own, or perhaps you are looking to reinvent yourself so that you can take yourself down a better career path than the one you were originally heading down. In this article you'll find a few ideas on how you can find a career that you’re going to stick with.
Go back to college
The first option that you could think about is going back to college. There are hundreds of courses available, and you can choose to do it full-time or part-time depending on your own familial or work related commitments.

Have a think about what your dream job would be, and check out the courses that you’d need to take to achieve this. If you’re not sure what your dream job is, then why not take a course in something that you enjoy doing and make a career out of it. For example, many people choose to go into catering because they enjoy cooking at home..


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Employment agencies
If you’ve already got qualifications, you should sign yourself up to recruitment agencies to help you find the perfect job for you. Alexander Daniels Recruitment Agency are dedicated to helping their clients find a job in the right sector for them, and have a team working around the clock to ensure this happens. If you do choose to use an employment agency, then make sure you’re giving all of the specifics over to your adviser so that they can help you find the career you’re after.
Get out there
Sometimes the best way of finding a job is to get yourself outside and searching around shops or anything that’s relevant to the job you want. Take a CV (curriculum vitae) with you so that you can hand it in to each shop, regardless of whether they have a job on offer or not. You will be surprised at how many places are looking to hire these days!

You could also ask around to see if any places relevant to your job sector are looking to hire an apprentice. The money might be less at the beginning, but you will be learning on the job and usually have a position waiting for you at the end of it.
Go self employed
If you’re in the position where you can go self-employed, then take the leap into becoming an entrepreneur! You can then decide your own working days, hours, holidays and pay without having to answer to anyone but yourself.

Of course, being self-employed comes with other responsibilities such as making sure you’re paying your taxes, and bringing in enough money to support you as well as keeping the business afloat and if possible, profitable too.

These are four ideas on how you can find yourself a career that you can stick with. Remember, figure out what you want to do from the start, and don’t stop until you get what you’ve dreamed of! Good luck with your new career!

*This piece was contributed by Sam Jones*

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