7 Beauty Tips To Look Your Best This Autumn*

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Autumn brings with it a lot of change. But while the seasonal colours of leaves on trees bring beauty, the drop in temperature and drier air can means our beauty regime has to change too. The season doesn’t tend to bode well with our bodies – skin and hair. Thankfully, there are many products available, from high-street retailers to online sites, like Chemist4U Online Pharmacy, which carry health and beauty products that can help.

With this in mind, here are seven tips to ensure you look and feel your best this Autumn.

Exfoliate more often

As temperatures start to drop in the Autumn and the cold sets in, your skin can start to look tired, lacklustre and dull. Exfoliating regularly, with a good, full-body exfoliator about twice a week, can help. This can increase regeneration of your skin cells, removing dead cells that can stop the skin absorbing hydrating ingredients in moisturisers. This can result in giving you fresh, radiant and youthful-looking skin.  

Use hydrating hair products

While oil-free, light hydration products are best for your hair in the humidity of summer, richer, more hydrating types are good for your locks when temperatures change in the Autumn. It’s a good idea to use a richer, hydrating hair conditioner to keep your hair looking soft and moisturised. Try applying a deep conditioning hair mask each week to avoid brittle and dry hair, or upgrade to a silicone serum to fight frizz.

Apply a facial oil  

As skin tends to become dehydrated and dry in colder temperatures, it’s wise to invest in a super-moisturising facial product. Facial oils are a good choice because they provide a light, silky texture and create a barrier on the skin. This can lock moisture into the skin for longer, helping to keep it moisturised and protected against the elements of a typical cold Autumn day.   

Use natural lip balm

Lips can easily become chapped and sore in colder autumn temperatures. Preventing this involves locking moisture into the lips, while protecting them from the cold. A jar of petroleum jelly might seem like the obvious choice to help achieve this. However, a lip care balm that’s filled with natural ingredients, like waxes, butters and oils, can be better because it allows the skin to breath, repairing and nourishing damaged lips more naturally.

Protect with a hand wash and cream

Cold weather and dry hands go, well, hand in hand. This is because the skin on the hands doesn’t tend to produce as much natural oil as other parts of the body. This means washing and drying the hands through the day, while being exposed to colder temperatures outside, can cause the skin to quickly dry out, crack and bleed. Avoiding soap and using a sensitive hand wash that’s kinder to the skin can help. Using a gentle hand cream each day can also help protect the hands by keeping them moisturised.   

Swap caffeine for herbal tea

Caffeine dehydrates the skin which can be made worse in colder months, as things like central heating can encourage dehydration. So it’s best to reduce your daily intake of tea and coffee and opt for a soothing herbal tea instead. This is a good alternative because, as well as adding to your daily fluids, it helps restore moisture in the skin. Herbal teas also contain high antioxidants which can help to keep skin clear.

Apply a night cream before bed

Finally, after a day of being exposed to the elements of Autumn, it’s wise to re-hydrate your skin at night before bed. This is because skin repairs itself at night but, in doing so, loses a lot of moisture. Using a good night cream, like one that’s high in antioxidants, can help add moisture to the skin to keep it hydrated. It’s best to avoid products with ingredients that block pores, such as mineral oil, to ensure your skin can breathe naturally as it regenerates. All this can help ensure you look and feel your best, not just today but tomorrow too.

*Contributed by a third party.

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