Perfect Ways To Personalise Your Wedding*

*This is a collaborative post* 

The question has been popped, and now you’re in the planning stage; you want your wedding to be different right? You want it to be the most memorable moment of your life, and you want it to blow your guests away, don’t you? In order to do that, you’re going to have to make it more personal. Here are some fantastic ways to do just that:

Customize Your Rings

The rings are one of the most important parts of the wedding ceremony and an everlasting symbol of your love, so it makes sense to start with custom engagement rings and personalised wedding bands if you want your wedding to stand out. There are so many options from engraved phrases to completely unique designs that you and your partner can create for yourselves, that no matter what your style, you can create a custom ring that works for you.

Think About a Theme

You might think that themed weddings are now so common as to be a cliche and not at all unique, but that really depends on the theme now, doesn’t it, and anyway, if it matches your personality and it’s what you want, why does it even matter?

That being said, if you want your wedding to stand out, you and your fiance should get together and make a list of all the stuff you’re into from Star Wars to Emily Bronte and then select something that will be a bit different from the usual retro 50s or shabby chic weddings that are oh so common.

Design Your Own Dress

The wedding dress is the star of the show, so designing you own, or having an expert design one for you if you aren’t particularly talented in that area, is a fantastic idea. You’ll instantly stand out and be remembered as one of the most beautiful brides when you walk down the aisle in a unique creation that has been designed, not only to fit you like a glove but to make your personality shine through, too.

Take the Entertainment to the Next Level

Instead of having a DJ or band who play the same set of generic songs, with the odd favourite thrown in, why not have your friends band play all of your favourites instead? If you like heavy metal or bluegrass, don’t be afraid to play that instead, or if you’re into burlesque, why not have a performer do her thing on the night? Into games, set up a game station at the venue and challenge all the guests to a game of Mario Kart - it’s your day, and you shouldn’t be afraid to do something different if it’s what you will really enjoy.

Serve Your Favourite Foods

Of course, the food is one of the most anticipated parts of any wedding, for many of the guests anyway, so it provides you with the perfect opportunity to do something personal. Instead of serving the same old ‘classic’ dishes, don’t be afraid to go a bit crazy and serve burgers, candy floss, ramen noodles, or whatever it is that you particularly love (okay maybe not ramen noodles!).

Your wedding is yours, and you should make it feel that way - hopefully, these ideas will help you do just that! 

*Contributed by Sam Jones

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