Is Music Life? - Why A Musical Education Is Important

All my life I've had a love for music. You hear of people saying that they couldn't live without it and as dramatic as that sounds, I kind of get it. Music just does something to a person. It can take you back to a time and place, it can stir long lost feelings, it can give you that 'tingle' factor. Of course depending on the tune, it can also make me want to leap up out of my chair, kick off my shoes and dance. 

Music - as well as being an art form - is also hugely important in a child's development. Research has shown that music uses both sides of the brain which in turn affects a child's brain growth not just academically but emotionally too. According to a study carried out at the University of California, music actually 'trains the brain for higher forms of thinking.' 

Music education is something that I believe every child should get to experience. It's not even necessarily about learning how to play an instrument well. But, as I mentioned above, it does have developmental, and emotional benefits and it can really help children learn how to express themselves. 

I am greatly aware of the positive effects that music has had on me over the years. On the days when my mental health has been at it's worst, I've put in headphones and just listened to music for hours on end. It has also been known to render me speechless, particularly when watching a live orchestra build to a crescendo!

If your child has not yet had the opportunity to experience music education in their nursery or school then you could look into having music lessons privately. If you're not sure where to look for these then get on Google and do a search for reputable music teachers in your area. If you can't afford private lessons then why not see if your child's school has a choir that he or she can join? My sister and I were both in our own school and church choir for a few years. I can't honestly say that I can hold a tune now but it helped me to develop some social skills and to come out of my shell at the time. If your child isn't in to this idea because they feel embarrassed - yes I was that child too for a while - then show them this article on the celebrities who were in their own school choirs. Blake Lively and Brad Pitt anyone? Look how far they have come!

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