Make This Bonfire Night A Night To Remember*

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Bonfire night is a wonderful time of the year. It occurs on the 5th of November and British people celebrate the fact that the houses of parliament were failed to be blown up by a well known man called Guy Fawkes. We celebrate by letting off fireworks and having bonfires with family and friends. There are often companies that will host a fireworks display along with food and drink for everyone to enjoy. This lovely evening comes straight after Hallowe'en, so spirits among people are still very high. Here’s how you can make this year’s Bonfire night a night to remember.

Stay in

Sometimes, going out for bonfire night is over rated because you can create a magical evening for your family at home. Consider decorating the garden and finding a space to have your own bonfire, get some delicious food, drinks, and fireworks in and invite your loved ones to enjoy the special evening with you.

Don’t forget to warn your neighbours that you are going to be having a bonfire so that they can shut their windows and remove any washing from their washing lines. Also be sure that there’s no risk of the fire spreading, and that you have measures to put one out if needed.


If you’re not the type to stay in, travelling might be the perfect answer for you. Many people opt to travel around the country and see multiple displays because many people celebrate over a few days rather than just the one day. A lovely idea would be to travel with a mobile home so that when all is said and done you could cosy up in something homely rather than having to try and find a B&B. have affordable and extremely stylish mobile homes for sale. The best part is, you could reuse them for other purposes like holidays!

See all of the displays

There are many areas in Britain which contain hilled areas, which would allow you to see multiple displays in one sitting. Consider visiting somewhere like the Malvern Hills, where you can catch up to ten displays in one view, and enjoy the breathtaking views of Herefordshire and Worcestershire. The three counties showground often hosts a spectacular display, and you can catch everyone else's displays too!

If you have children, taking them for a walk up the Malverns to see the displays will be a totally fabulous experience, all while wearing them out so that at bedtime they will sleep soundly. There are many spots in which you could take camping chairs and sit to watch all of the displays, so consider adding this option to your list this year for Bonfire night!

Whatever you decide to do, going a little bit further with your plans to make it more special will create lasting memories for you and your children. Remember to never play with fireworks, and ultimately, enjoy your celebrations!

*Contributed by Sam Jones

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