Live A Healthier Lifestyle: Grow Your Own Veg*

*This is a collaborative post*

We all know that eating plenty of fruit and veg is good for us. They're a source of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and can ward off many diseases. There's also the added bonus that they taste great and don't cost the earth. But imagine if you could grow your own supply of fruit and veg? How much more amazing would that be?

I've always fancied the idea of having my own allotment, I'd love to grow my own fruit and veg. I even went as far as registering my details for the local allotment waiting list many years ago... Yes I'm still waiting to hear from them. Apparently allotments must be really hard to come by. I even planned to put a small shed on mine so that I could also escape there to write. One day hey?

Suttons are experts when it comes to growing vegetables. In fact they have over 200 years of gardening knowledge. Wow! They also - amongst other things - have an array of vegetable seeds to choose from and are ideal for growing at home or indeed your allotment if you have one. They've even come up with this fantastic infographic below to help us become better at companion planting. I might not be very green fingered yet but give it time and I'll be updating you on what I've attempted to grow!

Do let me know if you've ever grown your own fruit and veg. Or if indeed you have your own allotment! :)

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