Create An Urban Oasis In Your Home Or Garden*

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Most of us lead hectic and somewhat stressful lives and as such our homes need to be somewhere that we can retreat to, kick back and relax. 

Your house should be not just a home but also your oasis, somewhere that you can escape to and forget the rat race, the everyday stresses of live and of course any money worries or other troubles you may have. To create this oasis you should look at every aspect of the home including your outdoor space. Many people abscond to their gardens in an evening to unwind and relax with a brew (or glass of wine) and yet this area is often neglected or overlooked. 

If you're thinking of giving your home or garden a new lease of life then have a read first of this Ratten Direct guide on how to create an urban oasis. You'll learn that you don't necessarily need a huge amount of space in order to develop your own little haven. As this guide points out, the best way to create the perfect urban oasis is to treat the outdoor space as if it were a room. Consider how much space you have to play around with before choosing your garden furniture and if you're someone who likes to enjoy the garden all year around, then perhaps do as suggested and invest in a patio heater for the colder months. 

Regardless of where you live, this guide will show you how to create your own ideal urban oasis. So whether you're into coastal chic and want to install a fire pit in your garden, or you're more into modern flair, this online guide will teach you how. It touches on everything from planting, lights, decor to furniture. There's even a section on how to create an indoor oasis if you're seriously lacking in outdoor space. One huge factor I've learnt is just how much difference greenery can make to my environment. I've now even got a plant on my reception desk at work! 

What about you? Are you looking into creating your own urban oasis?

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