Best Makeup Tips For Eye Allergy Sufferers: Guest Post By Jane Williams

If you’re anything like me, you suffer from eye allergies more often than not. Of course your first attempt would be to subdue the cause of your allergy and get it over with, but sometimes you just cannot find a solution and all you are left with are teary and bloodshot eyes. Let me give you a few tips to fix your hypersensitive eyes or at least make them look better than how they feel.

Ranging from pollen to light sensitivity, whatever the cause of your allergy, you’re likely to suffer from swollen puffy eyes riddled with dark circles. A simple tip is to swipe a concealer stick under the lower lid. If the dark circles give a rather blueish hue, blend in some hypoallergenic red lipstick with a clean and soft brush before applying concealer to balance the skin colour out. This tip usually works like a magic!

Get yourself some anti-allergy meds or antihistamines. Popping a pill half an hour before you start your makeup ensures your eyes are not sporting a stream of tears along with a pretty, heavy eye shadow job. An alternative to antihistamines is some good quality eye drops, because not everyone would pop a pill to get their makeup right. 

Allergies tend to make the eyes look red and bloodshot – and there’s nothing pretty about reddened eyes. Here, we can apply a colour-correcting technique similar to the one mentioned above but using different products. Ditch your regular black and brown mascaras and get a deeply pigmented dark blue mascara. Blue tends to counter the red, and therefore blue mascara balances out the eye colour making your eyes look more appealing.

Be very careful about who you’re sharing your makeup brushes with, I always recommend using your own brushes only and washing them regularly on a brush-cleaning mat to avoid product buildups which can later cause bacterial infections in the eye.

Get the right product. You can start by doing some research on ingredients that trigger allergies and then steer clear from products that have those ingredients. Or simply start buying products from authentic brands that sell hypoallergenic makeup. I’ll recommend you check these hypoallergenic makeup products out.

While applying mascara, avoid taking the wand to the roots and always start applying it by leaving a bit of lashes free of the product. This works especially well if you happen to have naturally dark eye lashes.

Avoid getting lash extensions. Why? You’ll inevitably end up tearing through the day probably without even realising that it’s the lash extensions that are causing the allergic reaction. If you want thicker and longer lashes, switch to the conventional beauty tip. Take a clean mascara wand and coat your eye lashes in castor oil for volume and length; you’ll see the result in a couple of weeks.

It takes just a bit of care to avoid your allergy from flaring up, and a little skill to hide the symptoms. I hope this helps. Have a good day!

*Jane Williams is a makeup artist and stylist. She is obsessed with fashion, makeup and new makeovers. She regularly blogs at 'Style Down The Aisle.'

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