Fashion Disasters To Avoid In Your 30's: Guest Post By Christine Rudolph

As you hit the big three O, you'll embark on a journey of maturity and sensibility. You are now evolving into a beautiful and strong woman who is stable yet chic. Hopefully by the time you celebrate your thirtieth birthday you'll be a woman who knows what she wants with her life, and with this new phase of maturity will also come a more resounding sense of style. Your inner fashionista will be just itching for some wardrobe and lifestyle changes and with all the life changes that tend to come in your thirties - personal and professional - you'll be facing a hectic decade. Here are some fashion disasters to avoid along the way:

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Say No To low 
Chuck out those low rise jeans that may have looked cool in your twenties and instead invest in a pair of more sensible boyfriend jeans. These will be good for casual meetups, daytime dates or even for just running errands.

Goodbye Band Tees
Say adieu to your band tees and add in a few more modern graphic tees and striped t-shirts instead. They're great for casual wear or for lounging around the house in.

Sheer Is Fear
Do you have anything sheer in your closet? Exchange these items for more beautiful low cut pieces. A bareback would look sexier than one covered in mesh. 

Kiddy Shoes 
Throw out your Mary Jane’s and dirty sneakers and buy a few pairs of lady shoes. Clean white sneakers, kitten heels or culottes will be your best bet.

Branded basics 
If you're going to big interviews or important meetings and don't know what's appropriate then do not panic! Always keep in mind that an expensive essential formal fashion piece is going to go a lot further for you than a lot of cheap mediocre ones would. Invest in a beautifully cut pantsuit or a pair of sleek black high-waisted pants. You can add a cute silk or chiffon blouse to it and your attire is complete.

Not Too Low, Not Too High
Do you want elongated seductive legs but to look young and smart at the same time? Then opt for a pencil skirt and throw away those denim minis and long loose skirts.

Too Many Patterns
You might have been a big hipster in your college days and have some remnants of it still lying in your closet. Please leave them there as sweet memories because as soon as you hit the big 30 too much pattern will give off the wrong vibes about you. An absolute professional would rather have soft floral, houndstooth or neat geometric designs then a lot of tie-dyes or big bold prints.

Too Much Glitter
You crave to shine and be the center of attention at an event yet you don't want to bring out your overly sequined number. Swap for a soft shimmery piece that will have you glistening in the right type of light.

Bodycon Has Got To Go
It's better to leave your bodycon dresses behind in your twenties because if you aren't Paris Hilton, you will only end up looking like a fashion disaster. Not everybody can pull off a bodycon dress, so a better bet and a good investment is a sophisticated yet alluring cocktail dress.

Chunky Jewellery 
Being in your thirties calls for investments. Instead of hoarding up on costume jewellery add a few chic and pretty classy delicate pieces in platinum or gold to your wardrobe. These will go a long way for you and will help uplift an ordinary outfit.

Avoid Too Much Matching
Don’t be obsessive about matching your shoes, bags, and outfits. Add in A few garments that will complement each other and make you look graceful and refined. Sometimes it's better to mix up accessories and patterns but remember not to go too overboard with print on print. You could end up being a huge fashion calamity, one which could have been easily avoided.

Watch Your Hair
You don’t want to look like a walking fashion adversity every day. Leave the perm and streaky highlights to the nineties era and move ahead with a more urbane look by opting for a more softer color and silky, straight hair.

*This post was guest written by Christine Rudolph. Her forte is Fashion, Fitness and Lifestyle. 

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