Tame Your Garden With These Green Hacks*


*This is a collaborative post* 

Think you’re too busy to take care of your garden? Think again!

It’s ever so easy to tame your wild outdoor areas, even if you are pressed for time. You just need to use these awesome green hacks to turn your garden into a beautiful paradise.

Get Organised

If you aren’t very organised, then there is no way your garden is going to be neat and tidy! One way around that is getting all of your tools and gardening equipment in order. A handy way to do this is to invest in a lean to in which you can store everything. You can buy some remarkably small lean tos, so you will be able to find space for one even if your garden is only tiny. If you have the room, you might want to get a garden shed either instead of or as well as your lean to. Once you have somewhere you can store all your tools and equipment, you won’t have to leave things lying all around the garden!

Add Edges To Your Beds

Your flower beds might be looking a bit overcrowded and overgrown if there aren’t any edges around them. Edges are bricks, rocks, or other types of boundary that you can place between the soil and your lawn. Not only will these neaten up your flower beds, but they can also add a decorative aspect to your garden.

Replace Your Lawn

Finding it hard to plan a time each week when you can mow your lawn? Don’t worry; one solution is to get rid of the lawn altogether. If you replace it with a patio or decking, then you will never have to mow again. But if you would be sad to see the back of your lawn, you might want to keep a small patch of it. That way, there is a lot less to mow and maintain.

Replace Larger Plants

You might like the idea of large plants in your garden as they can be very pretty, and they mean that you won’t have to buy quite so many to fill up your flower beds. However, they can grow a lot over a short space of time, and can end up looking very overgrown. If you want a tidy garden that requires little maintenance, then it is highly recommended to buy small plants. These don’t need any trimming or other upkeep to help keep them neat and tidy.

Switch Your Hedge For A Fence

Another area of your garden that will require a lot of work is your hedges. If you have a hedge boundary, it’s a good idea to replace this with a fence. That way, you don’t have anything to trim, and there is no risk that your hedge will eventually look messy and unkempt!

Hopefully, this blog has given you plenty of ideas of hacks that can help you smarten up your garden. It will look super neat in no time at all once you start using them all! 

*Contributed by Sam Jones

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