Itsy Bitsy Backyard? Here's How You Can Make The Most of a Small Space!*

*This is a collaborative post*

Maybe you dream of a large spacious garden, but all you have is a tiny concrete yard, strip of grass at the side of the house or a balcony? It can be frustrating, especially in summer when all you want to do is spend time outdoors. But even if you only have a minuscule space to work with - make the most of it! Many people living in flats and other kinds of accommodation have none at all, so a small area is certainly better than nothing. Here’s how you can make the most of it!

Set Up a Seating Area

Having a seating area outside will allow you to use the space. So finding something suitable is possibly the most important job. If you’re not working with masses of land, you’ll need to be creative- huge six seater patio dining sets for example are probably not going to work! How about a bistro dining set, these mini tables complete with two chairs are perfect to sit outside and relax with your partner or a friend. Alternatively, you could go with a garden bench, a long one would comfortably seat three people, and you can even get ones with storage underneath. That way you can keep cushions and throws in there to make it extra comfy. If you have a little more room, you could go with a set which fits together when it’s not in use. That way you can pull it out and sit out there when you want, and store it away neatly and have the rest of the space available when you’re not.


Add Decking

Decking looks smart, adds value to homes and works in both small and large gardens. If you only have a tiny garden, adding a small decked patio area allows you to effectively break up the space into different areas. If you have some DIY skills, it’s a project you could tackle yourself, and as it won’t be a large area it won’t be too overwhelming. Get some supplies from a merchant such as George Hill timber, and check out some tutorials or articles online to make your plan. You could put decking down under the seating area to create a separate patio, and then cover the rest of the garden with anything from turf to pea gravel. Having those separate areas really makes a difference and can help you to utilise the room you have. If you have a balcony or an area where you’re unable to lay decking, you could check out decking tiles. These fit together like a jigsaw, are easy to lay and can be pulled up again easily with no damage so are fantastic if you’re renting.

Invite Nature In

This is something anyone with outdoor space can do, no matter how large or small. Put out some planters (or even window boxes) and fill them with brightly coloured blooms. Not only will they look pretty and liven up the space, but they will attract bees, butterflies, and other insects. You could place a bird table in the garden or hang some feeders out. Many birds now have to rely on humans for food due to their habitats being built on, so it’s something you can do to help out. A tip for growing in small gardens is to attach a trellis to the walls, and then grow climbing plants up this. It takes up no room and is something you could do if you had little to no floor space available.


*This post was contributed by Sam Jones

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