By Request: September Catch Up!

This rather impromptu post comes your way due to one reader's request! Apparently some of you are missing my older style posts, the personal catch ups and the likes, so here this one is just for you! *Waves* (And don't worry, I now plan to schedule more of these in the future.)

What's new?

Since I last did a catch up post - btw when even was that?? Time flies - Things have been altogether hectic. I have been literally non-stop with my writing work which is fantastic and exactly what I wanted. There's loads more collaborative posts coming to GGD over the next few months and I do love working on each and every one of them. I've even had to take on writers to help with the workload. You may have noticed my brother has written a couple of posts? You'll be reading more from him and the other contributors on a regular basis. 

I took two weeks off from the day job in August. The first of which saw me just *chilling at home - *read blogging and writing non stop - and I loved every minute of it. The second week was spent at Craig Tara Haven in Ayr, Scotland. The holiday itself didn't turn out so great for me, purely because I fell really poorly whilst I was there and spent the majority of the week in bed, on antibiotics, holed up in the caravan. The boys however, and my sister, seemed to have a wonderful time. I managed to get out a couple of times later on in the week just to watch the boys do some of their activities. 

On a plus note - and this is HUGE for me - I drove us all the way from Lancashire to Scotland. Yeah, yeah some of you will be like and? But this is me. She who never ventures further than the end of her nose. She who will not travel on a train by herself. My anxiety usually wins out. But not this time. A patient kindly loaned me his sat nav and so off we tootled. After almost four hours - and several stops - we arrived at our first destination of choice, Gretna Green. Obligatory photo with my eldest nephew here...

An hour or so more of travelling later and we arrived at Haven. I have to say it was actually not that bad. And after doing it, I now feel confident at trying other road trips. Watch this space...

Back in the land of reality now the holiday is over and it's all been work, work and work. I may potentially have landed an 'actual' writing job too. Time will tell if it works out but I'm hugely excited. Career wise, things are starting to all slot nicely into place, all part of the much bigger plan!

Nathan turned eleven on Wednesday. Eleven. How did that happen? The years have whizzed by. So proud of what a fine young man he is turning into. He'll no doubt tell me I'm embarrassing him when he sees this! :)

Lastly before I go, who else is psyched that it's Autumn? Strictly has started, the colours are changing, the weather is cooling and I can smell Christmas in the air! Ahhhhh. Love it. But enough of my craziness... 

Until next time my lovely lot... xxx


  1. Yay, love these chatty posts from you! Congrats on driving so far! That's amazing. Maybe now we can plan to meet somewhere in the middle of both of us, if you felt up to it of course! And I'm so pleased for you that you're getting so much work, and possibly an actual writing job! So exciting, you deserve all the success! x x

    1. Thanks lovely and yes we absolutely must arrange to meet up! Let's make a plan xxx


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