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*This is a collaborative post*

I think it's fairly safe to say that Summer is well and truly over, the nights are drawing in (minutes earlier each day to be precise), there's a freshness in the air and already some trees are beginning to shed some of their leaves. This of course can mean only one thing, Winter is on it's way. And so with that in mind and with the perils that the British Seasons can poise to drivers here a few tips which will hopefully come in handy should you need them regarding simple car maintenance.
N.B. I myself am not a mechanic nor am I at all knowledgeable when it comes to any kind of vehicle related technical jargon, but I have found tips such as these useful in recent years. 

Tyres; every two weeks check the pressure of your tyres, look out for cuts, general wear and tear and also check your tread is within the legal limits. For those whom it may be of interest; you can reserve your tyres in Stirling on Fife Auto Centre and get local fitting.
Water; while your engine is cold, check the coolant level is between the Min and Max points, and a seasonal piece of advice as we enter these colder months is to check your anti freeze and ensure it is topped up. Also with regards to your windscreen wash system, please make sure you check weekly and use a good screen wash additive which does not freeze and which clears oily grime. 
Lights; check all of your lights weekly, look out for blown out bulbs, cracks and/or dirt on the lenses. Remember to check all lights, fog, brake, indicator, reversing and hazard lights. 
Oil; every fortnight or so, use a dipstick to check oil levels, and top up where necessary, make sure you check the oil levels prior to any long journey too.
If your vehicle has a spare wheel, ensure you carry a jack and the necessary toolkit to carry out a wheel change should the need arise.
Car Maintenance is really important and with a few simple checks and knowing a few tips it can just give you a little extra peace of mind when out on the roads, as well as potentially saving you money. Drive safely good people. 

*Written by Michael David

Michael is a graduate of the University of Durham. As well as writing he has a keen interest in various sports from Rugby Union to MMA, he is also passionate about Business, Finance and Current Affairs. 

You can read more from Michael here.

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