Why I Can't Wait To Be A Full Time Girl Boss*

I dream of the day I can call myself a full time blogger and writer. To be self-employed, self sufficient, to have carved out a career for myself, earning by doing something I love. How does that saying go? Find your passion and you'll never work a day in your life!? 

One of the main reasons I long to go self employed full time, is because of the notion that I could work from home. I currently juggle my full time job with blogging. During the working week I'm based at the practice, and then every evening and weekend I work from the comfort of my home creating blog content and articles. 

The Joys Of Working Life

A recent survey showed that out of one thousand people, three quarters thought that working in an office was more stressful than working from home. I relate to that completely.

My current working environment is not what I could call the best. It's - shall we say - a tad stress inducing. Perhaps the average person might not find it quite so much, but as someone who has mental health problems, my surroundings do me no favours whatsoever. Of course I do enjoy my job to a certain extent, don't get me wrong. And I love the patients. (I certainly wouldn't have been there as long as I have if I despised it.) But there are factors that impact hugely on my health, wellbeing and of course the job itself. Let's face it, pressure and a not so great working environment can only lead to mistakes.

It's a tiny enclosed space for starters. So whether it's the constant shrill of the phone ringing or the doorbell going, I literally just can't escape the noise. Crazy chaos is how it feels on the worst days. My post-it notes flying everywhere don't help either! :) Obviously I do my best given the circumstances, but it goes without saying that the working environment plays a crucial role in how efficiently and effectively we all work. (Roll on the day we expand and renovate!)

I don't doubt that working from home full time would also come with it's own problems. There'd be distractions for sure, knowing me - a quick afternoon nap, the TV, the internet, my TBR list... Apparently nearly one third in a survey said that their biggest distraction at home was the television. Twenty two percent said it was their children!  

Would I work more productively if I was to work full time from home? Who knows!? I suppose there'd certainly be a danger of procrastination. I'd definitely need to get myself one of these home office chairs. Usually I'm PJ clad, laptop on knee working from the comfort of my bed! :) Currently, I'm on my annual leave from the practice. Yesterday saw me thrash out twenty plus emails and three blog posts. Perhaps a telling sign that not only do I thrive when working from home but that I am way more productive too! I guess only time will tell...

Do you work in a stressful environment? Do you think your working environment plays a part in how well you work? Have a watch of this fantastic video and see if you relate! :)


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  1. I work in a betting office and I find keeping a blogging schedule almost impossible due to shifts forever changing and with the shop being open 8:30am to 10:15pm. I'm lucky that I love my job and wouldn't change it for the world though.


  2. Definitely! It is difficult to fit blogging around the day job. And it's really disheartening sometimes because my work environment is a bit rubbish, and I absolutely love writing, so I wish I could give more time to what I love and less time to what I don't!
    Glad it's not just me x

  3. I work from home full time and there are distractions but after you do it for a month or two you learn how to manage time and don't need to stress so much about the distractions. I love the freedom I get from working at home and the benefits like being able to exercise more during the day!


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