11 Classic Dating Mistakes That Girls Make*

*This is a collaborative post*

Dating... It can be a minefield right? A guy that looks perfect on paper can be your worst nightmare when you come face to face. Luckily these days with the online world of dating, you can 'try before you buy.' 

There are hundreds of dating websites to choose from, and the great thing about each is that you can chat to prospective partners and actually get to know them a little before you take the plunge and meet for a date.

Dating is something that I can't say I've ever enjoyed. I prefer to skip to the 'comfortable' part. Some girls on the other hand absolutely love it. 

I wanted today's post to be a little bit more 'fun.' So I asked several of my female friends to list some classic dating mistakes that us women make. Some may or may not have been committed by such said friends. Of course my lips will remain sealed! :) 

11 Classic Dating Mistakes That Girls Make

I bet you all relate to at least one of these...

1. Getting drunk and having sex on the first date. 

2. Wearing too much makeup. It's okay to just be yourself. Apparently guys don't always like it when girls look OTT or 'overdone.'

3. Being too 'overkill,' for example, texting a guy and when he doesn't reply, texting him again... and again. 

4. Looking too much into the future and scaring the guy off. We all know that most men do not like pressure.

5. Trying to change a guy. If you don't like his shoes, his socks, his accent, his hobbies, etc etc, maybe he's just not the guy for you.

6. Trying to be something you're not because you want to make it work. If you can't be yourself, it's not ever going to work.

7. Asking about his exes, his sexual partner and his 'number!'

8. Talking about inappropriate things during sex.

9. Stalking his Facebook.

10. Stalking his Instagram - you know what I'm talking about :) - When you're knee deep into his exes Instagram account and you accidentally hit the like button. Oops. 

11. Hounding a guy for another chance after you've been rejected. Know your own self worth. If a guy wants to walk away - let him. Trust me, there's someone else out there who's perfect for you.

Of course we're all going to make one or more of these mistakes at some point in life, it's to be expected. But that shouldn't put you off dating. The best thing to do in any of these circumstances is to just laugh, brush it off as another life experience and move on. 

If the first guy you date isn't 'The One,' have no fear. No matter where you live in the UK, there's plenty more fish in the sea and they can be found on various dating websites. 

Are you currently dating? If so, did you find your date online or otherwise? If you want to share your stories then you can do so in the comments section below.  

Until next time...

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