Crafting The Stylish Fairytale Wedding You Dreamed Of As A Child*

*This is a collaborative post*

Are you getting married soon? Your fairytale wedding could be just around the corner if you are able to give it all the proper planning and consideration required. 

Weddings are often the most important yet complex events to pull off, simply because of all that is involved. If it's not how many people are attending, then it's how many people need to be entertained and fed! Not to mention you want to find time to actually enjoy your own wedding as part of all that. Not only do weddings sometimes feel like an over complicated affair, but they can also feel downright scary. It's normal as the big day approaches to feel as if you’ve not taken care of everything. But don't panic! Help is at hand in the form of this handy guide. From the beginning, right down to the final day of planning, this guide will help you to create the perfect wedding from the fairytales. If you get it right, it will be the absolute best day of your life, so there’s plenty to look forward to! With the right attitude, there’s really no reason to feel worried. 

Guest List

Your guest list is one of the most important parts of the whole wedding planning process. Sometimes, choosing not to invite someone is just as important as inviting someone. Sure, this can feel like a horrible thing to do, but it's your big day after all. Perhaps you have an acquaintance from years gone by who really wants an invite but isn't completely deserving of one? Don't feel pressured into inviting anyone if you don't really want them to be there. 

Sometimes on the other hand, inviting someone who you might take a chance on, such as a new friend or colleague can help solidify your relationship. A good way to evade all of the political and social drama that occurs as a result of the wedding guest list is to simply invite people you want to see there, no less and no more. Once you've settled on your final guest list, you'll want to send out your invitations. Theming your wedding invitations using a service will help you craft the most beautiful designs that will give your event a feeling of grace and class that even the most regal of princesses will feel jealous of.


You deserve to look nothing short of stunning on your wedding day. It is the day in which you will look the best you have ever looked in your life. You want to make your groom speechless, and part of this involves choosing the right dress. Finding 'your' dress might come through perusing online, or it might be from finding the quaintest and most highly reviewed bridal store in your area. No matter what you choose, you will know the perfect dress when you see it. However, you must consider a few simple things before you make that all important final decision. Do you want a long or short train? Would you like any headwear? Would you like any extra accessories such as sequins or ruffles? This is all down to your individual taste of course, but remember, when choosing a colour, your entire bridal procession and maybe even your groom will need to theme around it, so choose wisely.

You will also need to book your hair, nails, and makeup. Hiring a specialist always seems like the safest option, but this isn't necessarily the cheapest. If you have a trusted family member or friend that knows what they're doing, then why not see if they can help you achieve the same result? Obviously all of this depends on your personality, on how much money you have to spend and the end result you're after on the day.

On your wedding day, you should feel like a princess, like you're the only woman in the room when you walk down the aisle. However, make sure you also choose something that you're comfortable and relaxed in. Don't try to be something you're not even if this means forgoing the wedding dress and opting for a feminine suit. Fairytales are known for their ability to subvert standard expectations, so why not allow your wedding to be a platform for that too?


While you may not desire a horse drawn carriage like Cinderella, choosing your vehicle ahead of time will help you secure the entrance you want. Remember, you most likely won’t be seeing your groom until you reach the bridal steps on the day, so it’s important to potentially secure two vehicles for your entrance. It all depends on what you’d like to do, and how close to tradition you’d like to adhere. Some people completely disregard the suspicion that seeing your other half before tying the knot means bad luck, while some people completely and totally believe it and what to avoid it at all costs.

In any case, you are certain to leave the venue in the same car, so it’s important to come to a compromise of both tastes and find the best vehicle you will both enjoy riding in. Would you like to make it quirky and memorable, or elegant and beautiful? For example, it’s not uncommon for rural brides with a strong farming family to enter and exit their wedding on a tractor. It might sound crazy to someone in the city, but it can often be symbolic and also pays respect to the local environmental pursuits. Weddings mean different things for different people, and your carriage is no different.

You’ve no doubt noticed that your wedding is much more about YOUR personality than it is about adhering to standard traditions. If adhering to those traditions is what your personality is most akin to, then that’s completely great too. The only way to craft your own fairytale is to have it stay unquestionably YOU. If you do, you’re in for one of the most memorable and beautiful weddings you could ever have dreamed of experiencing. For more on all things 'weddings', head on over to Real Wedding. Wishing you a long and happy marriage.

*Post contributed by Sam Jones. Edited by Justine Machin.


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