Places I Want To Visit In The UK*

*This is a collaborative post*

Compared to my 'wanderlust' friends who seemingly travel all the time, I've rarely been anywhere. As such, at thirty four I now have a list as long as my arm of 'must see' places that I long to go to. Of course being me, I couldn't possibly go on my own. Any excuse for a road trip with friends right? :) 

A road trip requires a handful of factors - friends, family, transport, music and of course snacks!

I can't really help you lovelies out with the friends, music or snacks, but if you're planing a road trip, PSD Vehicle Rental is a family run business based in the North West of the UK and they have a great range of vehicles available for hire. You can choose from cars (small, medium or large), 7-seaters, mini buses and even vans! 

Without further adieu, here are some of the places I want to visit...


Such a beautiful looking city, filled with rich history, culture and picturesque places. 

Loch Ness

Curiosity has always been my middle name. I've always wanted to visit the Scottish Highlands and to pay a trip to the Loch Ness Exhibition Centre.


Again a place brimming with history and picturesque architecture. I really want to pay a visit to Durham Cathedral. Apparently Durham Castle featured in a Harry Potter movie!


Brighton has got to be on every bloggers list for 'must see' destinations. A vibrant seaside resort, home to the famous Brighton Pier and the Royal Pavilion, this is every bloggers dream photo opportunity right?


I've seen many photos over the years of the famous turquoise blue waters, the picturesque villages and coastline. This has always been right at the top of my destinations list.

Oxford & Cambridge

I've combined these purely because they're both home to probably the most famous universities in the UK. If you hadn't guessed, I have a love of anything with history, culture or beautiful architecture. And even though I was never clever enough, I dreamed of going to one of these two universities. Maybe one day I'll see them both close up in person!


Again, this is a city filled with stunning architecture, views and history. Apparently JK Rowling wrote the first chapters of Harry Potter in a cafe in Edinburgh. 

If I ever go to any of these places I'll be sure to share photos with you all!

Where I Suggest...

Here are some of my favourite places to visit in the North West of the UK, all of which I've been to! 


How could I not mention good old Blackpool? Although some might cringe, I love Blackpool. It's a place that reminds me of happy childhood memories. Home to the famous Blackpool Tower and the Pleasure Beach, if you've never been then you should at least go once in your lifetime. 

The Lake District

What can I say about The Lake District?? It's my favourite 'go-to' place whenever I get the chance. There's just something so serene and peaceful about this beautiful place. If you want a bit more hustle and bustle, then Windermere is great and a huge tourist attraction.

Lytham & Clitheroe

I would imagine anyone not from the North West is looking rather puzzled at the mention of these two places. But again, these haunt back to my childhood days. Lytham has a beautiful beach and pier, a fantastic chippy and some great independent shops. It also happens to be home to one of my best friends, ZoĆ«. Clitheroe is a picturesque market town and home to Clitheroe Castle and Museum. 

Are you planning a road trip this summer? Have you ever been to any of the places listed? 

*All photos courtesy of my brother except for the PSD Vehicle Rental photo which was taken from their website.

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