Workplace Essentials in 2017

The best way to have a successful and thriving work environment is to create a calm yet engaging and fun space for your employees. If you have employees in a small, cluttered space that is either too hot or too cold, the chances are you are not going to have a motivated team and usually a demotivated team means poor quality of work and an under-performing business. There are tonnes of ways that you can turn a workplace into a productive and stimulating setting for employees, make sure the d├ęcor isn’t ‘too much,' that there is lots of sunlight entering the room (rather than artificial light) and having facilities readily available such as a clean kitchen, tea and coffee. However, with the growth of technology moving at an extremely fast rate in today’s society, there are some gadgets that can be used in order to make office life that little bit more exciting (even on a Monday morning). Here are five interesting finds:

The Portable Projector
Projectors have been around for years, but gone are the giant, bulky boxes that required a small army to carry them, and in the place are sleek, portable gadgets that can project anything onto the wall. These projectors are great if you are a small business and do have limited workspace and struggle to find space for meetings with clients. Most of these projectors will project your work onto any flat screen and it will show up incredibly clearly. An office must have for 2017.

The Apple Mac Scanner
These are an essential part of any modern workspace and are compatible with all Apple Mac devices. They are super versatile and easy to move around the office. Scanning documents really does make a huge, positive difference to your workplace because it means every file is organised digitally. Keeping records on paper can not only over-complicate things, it can also mean that important documents get lost or destroyed. A modern scanner will scan your important files in seconds and store them securely on your work’s server. The documents can be shared easily with friends, colleagues and clients and will always be backed up in case they are ever accidentally deleted.

Desk Sensors
The desk sensor really is the epitome of modern workplace technology. The gadget is placed on your desk and will monitor your productivity. If you are less than motivated at your desk at times, this might seem a little dangerous, but in fact it is there to encourage you to engage in physical activity if your energy levels are getting low or your productivity has dropped.  Physical activity could be anything from going for a short walk to even doing a few at your desk stretches to revive yourself.

Solar Window Charger
If you’re one for doing your bit for the environment then this is definitely a great gadget for you. The solar powered charger traps energy from the sunlight in your office window and charges your phone with it (or your iPad). The charger is extremely easy to use and simply mounts onto your window. Job done.

Self-Stirring Mug
Who has time to stir their own coffee these days?! The self-stirring coffee mug is an absolute must for anyone that struggles to find the time to put a spoon in their mug and stir up their hot drink. Ok, maybe a little bit of a novelty that would probably get old very quick but it is bound to get a few laughs and wows in the office and brighten up everyone’s day. Dubbed the ultimate ‘lazy man’s mug’, we might just have to get one at home as well! 

*Contributed by Laura Nicholson


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