Dreaming Of My Future Home ft. Oak Furniture Company*

As most of you reading this will already know, I'm currently on a debt management plan and will be for a little while. *Sigh*

I shouldn't really complain as it means that come a few years time, I'll be back on top of my finances and you know what that will mean right?! I'll finally be able to look at getting my foot on the property ladder. 

I often daydream about the day I'll actually be able to afford my own place. I'd love a quaint pretty cottage in a small picturesque village. (Although anything with four walls and a roof will do!) It'll all be budget dependent at the time I suppose. 

As you can imagine I spend a lot of time browsing the net, looking at houses and at furniture. My current taste is for all things clean, fresh and minimalist. I'd also like a bit of shabby chic in the bedroom.

One absolute must is going to be a spacious kitchen and dining room. I love baking although it's been a while since I donned my apron - hectic life and all that. But once I've got my own space, I plan to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, conjuring up treats for family and friends. I even plan to host a dinner party, hopefully once a month but again this will be budget dependent. 
I've been looking at different furniture websites and I'm loving the dining tables at Oak Furniture Company. With quality items on offer and five star reviews from previous customers, this is one store I'll be sure to keep in mind when I'm actually ready to buy. I also particularly love the Bordeaux Console and Wine Rack, it'd be perfect for storing all my favourite tipples! 

Obviously for now I can only carry on dreaming about the day that I'll get a key to my own home, but hek, dreaming is always lots of fun and you know what they say... Dreams do come true... Well, eventually! :)

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