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Okay hands up. How many of you have watched 'Homes Under The Hammer' and have dreamt of buying an auction house to redevelop? I know it's one of my goals. One day hey!? If you do seriously want to take on a huge project like the redevelopment of a property or even if you just want to extend your own home, there are particular things you need to consider first. 

It's not just a case of knocking down walls and adding a lick of paint. For starters you'll need a detailed representation of your property, a plan for your architect or interior designer so that they can produce your design or submit for planning application. These plans are known as building and topographical surveys and are not just a necessity but are crucial if you want your project to be a success. 

They'll be used alongside designs and reports during the three stages of your project - Planning, Designing And Construction. In a nutshell, the surveys are just existing dimensions of your property but in the required format and standard that your planning officers, architects and builders will both need and understand. 

Where can you source these surveys? Companies such as Icelabz cater to homeowners and small businesses and produce accurate building and topographical surveys. On their website you'll even find an online portal so you can put in a request without the need to pick up a phone. There's also an online calculator so that you can learn about the cost involved with your project. Always a huge help when budgeting right?

With the professionals at Icelabz on-hand to deal with the surveys and jargon that is quite frankly - all a bit beyond me - I can get on with daydreaming about my dream property. And you never know, maybe just maybe you might see me one day on 'Homes Under The Hammer.' Better get saving for my auction house hey? :) 

Do you have plans to redevelop your property? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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