Create An Ideal Work Environment*

*This is a collaborative post*

Creating an ideal work environment is crucial if you want to work productively. If you work from home or are lucky enough to have a say in how your office is decked out, then there are some factors you should take into account.

Space & Furniture

Before you give your working environment the re-haul, it's sensible to consider how much room space you have to play with. Feeling cramped will not help your mood when you're working to deadlines and feeling the pressure. If you are limited on space, consider investing in space-saving furniture such as a desk with built in storage. Ikea have a great selection. It's also important that you choose a comfortable and ergonomic chair especially if you're going to be spending several hours a day sat in it!


For the walls, consider opting for a calming neutral colour that won't be too distracting or garish to look at. Hanging inspirational pieces or art prints is a great way to jazz up otherwise plain looking walls and will also boost your creativity or motivation should it ever stagnate. I love prints by Jemma of Dorkface like this one above. 


In Summer the days are longer and sunnier which obviously is great, but sometimes you need to be able to block out the bright glare so that you can concentrate. Blinds are an ideal solution for this and also will give your office that added edge. Ambition Blinds have an extensive range of quality, affordable blinds which also look fantastic. I particularly love the Wooden Venetian style!

Flooring & Rugs

You don't necessarily need to go all out on flooring. By simply adding an attractive rug you can really change the way your office space looks. I love the choice from Next and with such a varied range, you can choose according to your budget. Of course if money is no object and you fancy a brand spanking new floor, wood parquet floor panels look great! 


Having plants in your office environment is essential, they'll liven up the place but also more importantly, studies have shown that having plants in the office leads to a reduction in stress levels. Cactus seems to be the plant of choice amongst bloggers lately. I've seen them popping up on plenty of feeds! 

Are you planning on giving your office a makeover? What would your ideal work environment be? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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