Father's Day Gift Idea: The Personal Barber - A Review

With Father's Day fast approaching (June 18th if you'd forgotten) this shaving kit is an ideal gift choice. Kindly sent by Bradley of The Personal Barber, I thought it only appropriate that I put it to the test! 

Kit includes; A Stainless Steel Razor, 10 blades, a brush, softening gel (for pre-shave application) Shaving cream and Styling cream for those with beards.

This particular shaving kit had a rustic classic style of presentation, it looked as though care had been taken in preparing the package which actually added to the enjoyment of opening the box in order to see what goodies were inside; not the usual mundanity associated with opening a shaving kit, in fact more akin to the feeling of opening a gift at Christmas.

All of the gels, creams and oil had really nice summery scents, not overpowering as can often be the case. The brush was really nice too and felt soft and soothing when in use. The pre softening oil was a really useful addition. It softened up the hair and worked well enough that no hairs snagged. I was able to enjoy a pain free shave, closer than when using an electric shaver. After applying the soothing aftershave gel my face was left feeling revitalised and fresh, with a very clean/close shave.

For those who perhaps aren't used to wet shaving, there were also some helpful notes included such as information on how to assemble the razor, insert the blades and how to determine the correct angle to hold the razor in order to avoid any irritation. It was really easy to use and assemble with good, simple instructions which were straightforward to follow.

I'd give 9/10 - Ideally a great addition might be to include a stand to hold the razor and brush, just as a classy finishing touch for the discerning gentleman, but overall it was a really nice, impressive kit which I actually enjoyed using.

The Personal Barber is a monthly subscription service. If you fancy purchasing one of these kits for yourself or as a gift, then it's really easy to sign up. Simply select your plan of choice and you'll soon have high quality goods being delivered to your door every single month. It's worth noting that you can opt to cancel should you wish at any time and if you sign up to the newsletter today, you'll get 15% off your first box!

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*Written by Michael David

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