Surprising Household Issues That Are Causing You Stress*

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Are you feeling stressed at the moment? If so, there could be a huge range of reasons why, from problems at work to relationship issues. But there could also be some problems with your home - some of which might just surprise you. In today’s guide, we’re going to go through some of the issues in your home that might just be harming your health. Let’s get started right away.


A tidy home is a tidy mind. And if your house is full to the brim with clutter, it’s not much of a surprise to understand that it could be causing you ill health in the form of stress. And this point is backed up by science too - research suggests that there is a link between a high level of household clutter and elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol. So, invest in some good storage solutions and give every object that you can a home. Having a place to put your papers, dishes,and children’s toys will make clearing up easier, and ease your stress levels significantly.

Too many devices

The number of electronic devices we all have in our homes these days is enormous. And let’s be honest, we all love them, right? Our smart TVs, mobile phones, tablets, and WiFi enabled devices all contribute to making our lives happier. Or are they? Sure, they have their benefits, but the reality is that they could also be causing you a lot of stress. When you have notifications pinging away on your phone, you can never truly relax. And it seems we are all taking our work home with us these days. It’s the constant stream of noise you need to be careful with too - loud TVs, too much music, and just too much noise can increase your stress levels.

Your bed

If you are using an uncomfortable bed, the chances are you aren’t getting the right quality of sleep. And over time, this can have a severe impact on your health including an increase in your stress levels. As we all know, stress can lead to high blood pressure, increased risk of heart attacks, and possibly even a stroke. So, think about getting a new bed. As you can see from John Ryan by Design, there is a wide variety of mattress types that could make all the difference to your sleep. Take your time to choose the right mattress for you - some people get on better with softer surfaces, while others prefer a firm and robust bed.

Your mirrors

Surprising as it may seem, mirrors could be causing your stress problems. Although many interior designers recommend having them everywhere in the home, it might be best to keep them to a minimum. Why? Because every time you catch sight of yourself in the mirror, there's no guarantee that you will like what you see. And if you feel uncomfortable with how you look, it’s going to cause you stress. So, consider keeping a discreet full-length mirror in the bedroom - perhaps hidden behind the door - and also in the bathroom for basic makeup and washing.

Your home office

Working from home is a dream for everyone who has to commute to an office every day. But the reality can be a little different. Working from home can be incredibly stressful as you never really get to switch off. Constant interruptions during the day mean you never get critical tasks finished. And the mere fact that you have no one around to act as a sounding board to spell out any of your frustrations to means you have to keep it all inside. All of this can lead to stress, so consider ensuring you can walk away from the home office every once in awhile. Keep socially active - perhaps by attending business networking events. And you could also consider making the switch from home office to a co-working space to give yourself some much-needed company.

 Your household

Of course, the people that you live with can often be the biggest causes of the stress issue out there! Whether they are simply housemates or your family, not everyone can get on with each other at all times. Conflict and arguments are one of the biggest causes of stress, so make sure that as well as spending time with your household, you are also taking time out for yourself.
Is there anything in your house that is causing you stress? Why not let everyone know about your problems in the comments section below!

*Post contributed by Sam Jones

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing the brief information about those households that cause stress. I hope that following your guidelines, one can easily get rid of this type of stress.


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