5 Things To Add To Your Bucket List That Are Easier To Accomplish Than You Think*

*This is a collaborative post*

Everyone’s got a bucket list. Whether it’s things to do before you die, before you have children, or before you turn forty, it’s sure to be packed full of both the easy and the obscure. While you probably have plenty of exotic ideas, like abseiling down a waterfall or swimming with dolphins, there are plenty of things you can put on your list that are easy to do - yet impressive at the same time.

1. Create an awesome online community

My life has changed a huge amount since I started blogging. I’ve been able to do things and meet people that I wouldn’t have even dreamed of before. And while there’s a lot of hard work involved, being a successful blogger isn’t a totally wild goal. You’ll be able to spend your days writing about what you love, and meeting like-minded people. To tick this off your list, check out how I gained 1,000 followers here.

2. Take to the skies


Sometimes we just need a different view on life. And how better to get that view than by taking to the skies? Whether you fancy a romantic hot air balloon ride, or want to be pilot of your own journey, there’s plenty to suit. Do plenty of research before securing anything: visit sites like FlyingLessons.co.uk or SkyDiving.co.uk to see what your options could be.

3. Make something creative


When I say the word creativity, so many people hide away, saying they aren’t creative - they can’t paint, sing or sew. But that’s not the point of being creative. It doesn’t matter if the final product isn’t perfect, or if it wouldn’t go on sale in TopShop. What matters is that you thought of something - and made it real. Don’t just limit yourself to painting or writing. Why not learn to knit or crochet? Try your hand at origami? You could even have a go at pottery!

4. Run a marathon

Well, let’s make it easier. Complete a marathon. Whether you’re match-fit already, or struggle walking to the shops, set a reasonable goal. It might be completing a 5k fun-run after three months of training. Or, it might be signing up to a monumental run, like the London Marathon. If you don’t fancy running, why not walk it instead? Events like Shine Night Walk for Cancer Research let you experience the solidarity and sense of achievement of completing a marathon, without having to break out of a walk - albeit a fast one.

5. Learn a new language

Everyone’s goal is to see the world - but what if you could see it, and experience it on a whole new level? If you’ve mastered a second language, you can. Just imagine being able to chat to locals or order food, without having to consult a phrasebook, or hoping for someone who can speak your language. It gives a whole new depth to travel and holidays - and it’s not that hard to do. Duolingo.com is a great app to use, as is Babbel.com.

Whether you take on a small task or a giant one, being able to tick things off your bucket list is incredibly satisfying - and addictive!

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