Life In May

Hello lovelies! How are you all? I hope you've enjoyed the recent guest posts that I've shared on GGD. Don't know about you lot but reading them has got me in the mood for summer! 

I've got quite a ram packed schedule for May, and not just work/blog related either. This weekend I'm going to an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party hosted by my good friend Tracy. I cannot wait! Keep your eyes peeled over the next fortnight as I might just take a few photos to share with you.

Next weekend I'm heading to Liverpool with my bro and his friends to see Little Mix. Another one to be excited about! I've also got birthdays galore this month so I'm more than likely going to be skint before the month is out.

Blog wise I've got so many planned posts that I can barely keep up. Now that I've dipped my toe in the 'collaborative' water so to speak, work is coming my way daily. Shan't complain though, it's all good. With any extra pennies I make I'm hoping to pay off my DMP more quickly. 

On a negative note, I've had no time to read and no time to work on my novel. I'm going to have to - somehow - re-jiggle my writing schedule to fit these two things in. Any bright ideas? I seriously need more hours in a day.

Finally, the movie Beauty and the Beast deserves a quick mention as I finally got to see it at the weekend with my sisters and nephews. I bloomin loved it and so did they! From the second it started it was everything I could have imagined and more. The array of colours were a sight to behold and the beautiful choreography in the opening scene left me flabbergasted and in awe. How I would love to go to a masked ball just so I could dress up in some flamboyant costume and dance the night away with my very own prince! And I must say that I thought Emma Watson really suited this role. She and Dan Stevens made for the perfect pair playing Belle and the cursed Prince. I was rooting for them the whole way through! Have you watched this movie? What were your thoughts?

Must dash... Sending lots of love your way xx

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  1. Wow, life is shaping up to be a busy one for you! So glad lots of work is coming your way - it all helps! xx


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