5 Steps To Get Your House Summer-Fit*

*This is a collaborative post*

It can sometimes feel that summer is never going to get here, thanks to living in the UK. We are assured year after year, that some sunshine will be on the way and then in true British fashion, we all start complaining about the heat and how we can’t cope with it! One of the best ways to deal with this is to get our home summer-fit. Forget that summer bod; it is all about your home. When you can relax and not feel stuffy or overheated, then you’re winning.

Being able to refresh your home for summer can be pretty simple, straightforward, and doesn’t have to cost the earth! There are options such as secured home improvement loans if you are a homeowner and want to extend or have a conservatory. Whatever you decide on, making some changes can give you some excitement and energy for summer and for all your summer plans. A change is as good as a rest, right? So without further ado, here are some ideas to get your home summer ready.


Step One: Give Your Home Some Air

When the winter and cold weather has been dark and long, it can take it's toll on the condition of your home. Mould can start to grow, and it can get damp in the corners of the room. Never a good look! Start by using good old fresh air to air out your home. Open the windows and doors and just let it do it’s thing.

Step Two: Jazz Up Your Seating

We all want to be comfy after a long day at work or after a garden party outside. So we want our sofas and chairs to be up to the job. If your sofa needs a bit of love, then how about removing the cushions, washing the covers, and generally giving it a wipe down. If the upholstery needs some love, then the equivalent of a carpet cleaner can be hired to get rid of grime and stains.

Step Three: Get Some Citrus Scents Flowing

Musky, woody or deep scents are great for winter. The smell of cinnamon? I’m all over it at Christmas time. But come the summer, and it's all about light and fresh scents. Citrus is best, but you might prefer more floral notes. Reed diffusers or essential oil diffusers can be the best in summer as no one wants the extra heat that a scented candle gives off, right?


Step Four: Bring the Outdoors In

Flowers and greenery are perfect additions to the home for summer. Not only do they add colour (which for me, summer is all about), but they can brighten up a room without the need for any tins of paint. They are the perfect option for cheering up a room.

Step Five: Change Your Bedding

Sleeping well is of paramount importance at any time of year. But it is harder to sleep with bright and light evenings, especially if you’re getting overheated. So swap out your duvet for a lighter one, as well as packing away any throws or extra cushions for now. It is less about being cosy and more about being cool.

*This post was contributed by Sam Jones

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