How To Keep Your Face Clean - Guest Post By Mia Taylor

In our busy days sometimes it’s hard to keep our skin in mind, so it often goes without the care it needs. With everyday sweat, grime and makeup, it’s important to take proper steps to cleanse it in order to prevent infections, breakouts and wrinkles. If you want to know the way to perfectly clear, radiant skin, then read on for a few basic tips that you need to keep in mind.

Figure out your skin type

Every fact is different and there is no universal cleaning routine that applies to everyone. Figuring out your skin type isn’t difficult, you just need to know the basic types. Oily skin, for example, means your whole face tends to get that greasy shine only a few hours after washing. Dry skin will sometimes get flaky if you haven’t been moisturizing it properly and normal skin has a good balance and rarely has too many issues. Combination skin gets oily around the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) while the cheeks feel normal or even dry. Each of these skin types needs a different kind of care. You also need to keep issues such as aging and acne on your mind, and apply appropriate treatments to deal with them.

Get the right products

Your cleansing routine can be quite minimalist or it can have a few extra products for that skincare fanatic in you. The things that are absolutely essential are makeup remover and cleanser, but the rest of the things you can incorporate if you feel the need for them. Quality makeup removers take gentle care of your face while they remove all traces of makeup. If you ever go to bed with makeup on, you’re inviting a breakout because it will clog all your pores. For that reason, you will need a cleanser as well, something that’s gentle for your skin and that doesn’t dry it out completely. Wash your face twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.
Another good thing to use is a toner, especially if you have acne-prone or oily skin. This is a good way to get rid of any excess oils and to help your face soak in some active ingredients that can help you fight blemishes and imperfections. Toners are used after cleansing. Simply pour a small amount on a cotton pad and rub your face in circles.

Always be gentle

When cleansing, you must always be gentle. Instead of vigorously scrubbing your face for ten seconds, you should pour a small amount of cleanser onto your palm, wet it, and then rub until you make thick foam. Wash your face in circles for about a minute, and remember to always use warm water. Cold water won’t open up your pores, and hot water leads to irritations.

The importance of exfoliation

Exfoliation is important, especially in summer when we tend to sweat more than usual. To remove all that residue, dirt and dead skin cells, you should use a scrub once a week. Scrubs should never have harsh chemicals, and just like with the cleanser, you need to use gentle motions. If you don’t like store-bought scrubs, or if you want to save some money, you can always make your own from simple ingredients.  

Weekly face masks

Face masks, like scrubs, should be used once a week. They are the perfect way to rejuvenate your skin and give it a healthy glow. They are also excellent when it comes to treating your skin imperfections, regardless of what those may be. You just need to find the mask that suits your needs.

Never forget to moisturize

After all the cleansing, our skin can end up stripped of its natural oils, so we need to replenish those with quality moisturizers. If you have oily skin don't think you can skip this step. For you, it's even more important to moisturize so you don't risk the overproduction of sebum, as your skin tries to recuperate from the harsh treatment.
Lastly, you need to remember to drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated, and to eat a balanced diet as this can also affect the quality of your skin. Don’t be lazy when it comes to skincare, and you will have a glowing, beautiful complexion as a result.
Another thing you can use is a skin serum, which is used right after cleansing and before moisturizing. This step is optional, but it can really help treat your skin, especially if you are looking to fight wrinkles.

BTL pic.jpgMia Taylor is a fashion and beauty enthusiast from Sydney and writer for She loves writing about her life experiences. Travelling and enjoying other cultures and their food with her husband is a big part of her life. She is always on a lookout for new trends in fashion and beauty, and considers herself an expert when it comes to lifestyle tips.

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