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Always on the lookout for new 'must read' blogs, The Lilac Linnet by Welsh blogger Llinos is a new firm favourite of mine. Llinos lives in Cardiff with her boyfriend Oliver and her guinea pig, Maggie. I have to mention Lily at this point - sorry if this makes you shed a tear Llinos, but we couldn't not mention Maggie's little pal. If you're an animal lover or indeed have pets, you'll perhaps relate to this post. Sadly Lily passed away just recently, but you'll still see Maggie feature on The Lilac Linnet from time to time.

If you're curious about the name, (as I was) The Lilac Linnet is actually a combination of Llinos' favourite colour and the English meaning of her name. If you pop on over you'll find a variety of posts, anything from books to day trips to creative hobbies. Llinos also recently published her 500th post! What an achievement! :)

Below you'll find six blog posts from The Lilac Linnet. The first three are reads recommended by Llinos herself. The second three are just some of my personal favourites. I could have listed so many others but you'd have been here all day. Why not check out these and then peruse The Lilac Linnet for yourselves? Don't forget to let me know which your favourite posts are.

Please do go check out The Lilac Linnet and if you're feeling especially kind, you could give her a cheeky follow on any (or all) of her social media channels. Until next time xxx 

*The Lilac Linnet is one of my May advertisers. All opinions my own. Photos taken from Llinos' website.

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