Feel Like You're Living in a Shoebox? Add an Extra Room To Your Home!*


*This is a collaborative post*

Need an extra room in your home? Maybe you’ve recently gone self-employed and need a home office. Perhaps you have a hobby which requires you to have space for equipment - whether it’s art supplies, DJ equipment or a gym/ dance studio. Your kids might be getting too old to share a bedroom, or you might start caring for an elderly relative in your home. Either way, there are lots of reasons why you might want a bit of extra space. If moving isn’t an option or something you want to do, there are plenty of ways you can expand your property so it continues to suit your needs as time goes by.

A Conservatory

A conservatory is less expensive than a brick extension and works well as a second living space or dining area. You could move your table and chairs from a formal dining room into the conservatory and then utilise this room in the home for something else. Alternatively, you could turn it into a playroom or teenage hangout, this could solve the issue of arguments over the tv or feeling like you’re all living on top of each other as your kids grow up. It’s somewhere they can socialise and sit with friends which is useful if they only have small bedrooms. A conservatory can also make a great kitchen extension, making it feel more spacious and flooding the room with natural light. They’re no longer the draughty, rickety lean-tos they once were, conservatories these days are fantastic. Companies like http://www.guardianwarmroof.co.uk/ ensure that they stay well insulated, and with the right window treatments they stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

A Loft or Basement Conversion

Going up or down in the home is a good way to go, as things stand you’re probably not utilising a whole lot of space in your property. Some lofts span the whole upstairs space and make incredible spacious rooms, and basements don’t have to feel dark and dingy with the right decor and lighting. A loft conversion would make a fantastic bedroom or guest room, or even a large office. Especially useful if you’re sharing the office space with a partner or other family members. A basement would make a great relaxed games room or chill out space, it’s just another area in the home family members can use so you feel less cramped.

A Garden Room

A garden room is a far cry from a shed or summer house. These are standalone ‘rooms’ which are fully insulated, so can be used all year round. Add an ensuite and a mini kitchenette area, you essentially have an extra little flat on your property. This would be ideal for guests to stay in, and also the perfect choice for a home office. It allows you to have a separate space to work in that’s away from the house but still conveniently right next to it. Something like this would enable you to keep a good work/ life balance, which can become skewed when you’re working from home. 

*This post was contributed by Sam Jones

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