Where Should You Invest Your Cash When You Start Blogging?*

*This is a collaborative post*

The lifestyle of a blogger can seem very appealing when you’re first thinking of getting started. The allure of working when you feel like it, writing about what interests you most, and the freedom of blogging from anywhere in the world is certainly appealing. Of course, anyone who has done their research has probably discovered that there may be a few start-up costs involved. If you’re one of the few that believe it’s possible to be a blogger with zero cash up front, you might be in for a shock.

Don’t get me wrong. It is completely possible to blog without spending any money. That is, of
course, if you already have a reliable computer, a high-speed internet connection, a spare room for work, and you're OK not having your own domain. If you want your website to be professional, functional, and attractive, you need to start investing a little bit of money. So what do you need?

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The more you do yourself, the cheaper it will be. Unless you are a professional graphic designer, though, it’s probably best you commission a logo in the very least. You’ll still need a good quality laptop that is reliable. Most of your work will be online, but chances are you’ll want to do a bit of copy editing, budgeting, correspondence drafts and photo editing offline. You’ll need software rather than apps, so a laptop is essential. Don’t panic though. You can buy perfectly good refurbished computers to save a lot of money. You can visit the site of a reputable dealer to see what fits your budget.

Your domain is also your brand name. It is unique to you, and you’ll undoubtedly design your logo around the name. Registering a domain name is not free, and you will be charged annually to keep it active and in your name. You’ll also benefit from using hosting services from
a good company. This will ensure your website isn’t prone to hacking and remains active at all times. This again will cost you a few pounds per month. You might choose to go for the cheapest, then shop around when your contract is up. Loyalty isn’t often rewarded! A simple internet search for web hosting will show you which deals are best.

You can then use WordPress for free. This will provide you with hundreds of website templates to choose from without the need for coding. The only thing you really need now is somewhere quiet to work. You may have thought you could work from anywhere at any time you want. Yeah, you can, but if you want professional copy free from errors, you need to be able to focus. Once your blogging life becomes a full-time career, you’ll be keen to separate work from home and leisure life anyway. Make sure you can shut the door on it when your working day is done.

Yes, becoming a blogger is pretty easy. Yes, you can start for free with services like Blogger. If you’re really serious about it though, put a few pounds into reliable equipment and systems and working practices you can trust. Don’t let your readers down!

*This post has been contributed by Sam Jones


  1. So true - a smallish investment when you start blogging is so worth it in the long run! x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

    1. I've spent a fair bit on templates over the last two years, trying to find one I liked enough to keep lol xx


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