20 Beauty Blog Post Ideas

Today I thought I'd share twenty blog post ideas focused just on beauty. I see a lot of different makeup and skincare reviews but I'd love to see some of these ideas listed below. Feel free to use any and tag me if you do so I can make sure I read your post.

1. My 'Go To' Choice Of Makeup When I Need To Feel Good 

2. Lipsticks That Last The Day

3. Primers: Tried And Tested

4. How To Make Your Skin Glow Using Makeup Tricks

5. The Best Of The Best: Mascaras: Tried And Tested

6. How To Take A Better Photo Of Yourself  (Use of lighting, angle etc)

7. The Best Cruelty Free Brands

8. Top Ten Under Ten

9. My Desert Island Trio: Three Products I Can't Do Without

10. Soap Or Three Step? Does It Really Make A Difference (By three step I mean cleanse, tone and moisturise)

11. How To Make Your Pores Look Smaller

12. The Best Eyebrow Bars: Tried And Tested

13. HD Brows Or DIY?

14. Makeup Removal For Busy People (The most efficient and speedy products)

15. Did You Know? Makeup Expires Too (Or another 'Did You Know?')

16. Concealers: Tried And Tested

17. Foundations: One For Everyone (A post about various foundations for different skin types and different finishes. I don't know about you lot but I don't put makeup on to not look like I'm wearing any. I want my skin to look flawless otherwise what's the point? I'm yet to find a cheaper alternative to my Chanel that I can only afford to buy once in a blue moon)

18. The Best Of The Best: Products To Give The Perfect Base (Moisturiser, serums, primers etc)

19. Spot Treatments That Actually Work

20. Radical Beauty Treatments (A look at some of the crazy trends that celebrities swear by)

Until the next post...

Justine xxx

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