Beauty Tips From 5 Of My Faves

Today I'm sharing some beauty tips from five of my 'go-to' favourite bloggers. I've chosen these five individuals because I am both inspired by and in awe of them all. 

Each of these lovelies has something special about them which means I frequently visit their respective blogs. Whether it's flawless photography, incredible style, or just some good old helpful advice, there is literally something on each blog for everyone! Don't believe me? Go check each them for yourself.

Paula of Thirteen Thoughts

My most important tip is to use a good sunscreen every single day come wind, rain or shine.

Gweni of GBeauty

Never underestimate the eye primer. Not only does it help make the eye shadow last longer, it brings out the colour of the eye shadow as well! 

Jemma of Dorkface

Use sulfate free shampoos and conditioners, avoid as much heat as possible and regularly use enriching hair masks! ;)

Jordan of Hello Miss Jordan

Always use a lip liner first to enhance your lips and keep your lipstick looking fabulous!

Jessie of All Things Beautiful

Always take your makeup off before bed, no matter how tired or lazy you're feeling. Get yourself into a solid night time regime. Remove your makeup and cleanse your skin to rid it of any excess oil and dirt. You'll be left with a lovely glow and beautifully soft skin.

Huge thanks to these awesome five! All photos belong to respective blog owners. Be sure to let me know if you have any of your own beauty tips.

*Header image via Pexels

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