Small Decor Changes That'll Instantly Boost Your Mood*

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Everybody knows that their environment affects their mood. If you’re stuck in a hot, stuffy airport or in the office, you’ll feel a lot more stressed and anxious than if you’re chilling out on the beach or walking through a beautiful forest on a warm summer’s evening.

As such, it’s worth paying some attention to our homes and how they make us feel. Homes that give off good vibes help us feel more positive about the world and lift our mood. Homes that are chaotic and messy do the precise opposite.

Recently, Apartment Therapy reported on a survey that tried to find out which decor tricks made people feel the happiest. These were small, inexpensive changes that didn’t require ripping out kitchen units or installing new bathrooms. The survey revealed that more than 50 percent of people were unhappy with at least one room in their home but felt that they didn’t have the time or the money to do anything about it. As a result, they remained unhappy with their living situation, putting a downer on their mood.

It doesn’t have to be that way, of course. Here are some top decor tips that are guaranteed to boost your mood but won’t cost you a fortune.

Add Colour, But Don’t Bother With Paint

Getting a room painted might seem pretty straightforward. But in practice, it’s actually a major hassle, especially if you’ve got kids running around. Not only is it expensive (especially if you get the work done for you), it also smells and can take a whole week to complete.

Image result for bright cushions

A much simpler and better option is to add splashes of colour with random living room objects. Throw some brightly coloured cushions on your sofa and place stunning glassware on your mantlepiece and you’ll soon have a room that “pops.”

Red Throw Pillow on Gray Fabric Chaise Lounge Near Gray Window Curtain


According to the Apartment Therapy survey, more than 37 percent of participants said that adding accessories to a room would boost their mood. Retro telephones, bright pink flamingo slippers and other cosy objects from a shop like Cuckooland, can all work wonders. According to the survey, the accessories that lift mood the most are those that are bold and daring.

"Cozify" The Kitchen

The kitchen is traditionally a functional space, designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to make food. But that can leave it feeling hostile, chaotic and impersonal - the opposite of what you want when you’re trying to lift your mood.

Image result for cozy kitchen

When it come to kitchens, the homeliness is in the little details. Add your own personal decorative touches, like colourful vases, chalkboard signs and picture frames. You could even invest in a cast-iron duck doorstop to stop the kitchen door slamming against the wall.

Lighten The Whole Place Up

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Researchers have suggested that one of the reasons so many people suffer from low mood is that they aren’t getting enough sunlight during the way. Indoor living and working have robbed their bodies of the brightness that they crave and need to be happy. Choose bright LED lamps and place them strategically around your home to prevent dark spots.

*This post was contributed by Sam Jones

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