8 Things To Try That Might Make You Happy

We all need a pick-me up at times right? Whether you've had a rough day, an unexpected expenditure or maybe even a breakup, sometimes we all just need something that will make us feel good again. Here are eight ideas to try when you're feeling a little down...

1. Dance It Out

Have you seen Grey's Anatomy? If not then you really need to! I've watched Meredith and friends dance it out many a time. Whether it's because of a bereavement, a bad day at the hospital or even a break-up, she will put on a tune, crank up the volume and make her friends jump to their feet to join in. I've tried this one and it really does make you feel better. Choose something happy and with a good beat. If you've tried this already then I want to know! ;)

2. Pour A Glass Of Wine

I'm not an alcoholic (honest) even though I have a tendency to tweet every time I pour a glass of vino. It just helps me unwind and relax after a long, hard day. Maybe you prefer a good cup of tea and cake? Whatever your tipple is, make time to put your feet up and enjoy.

3. Watch A Feel Good Show

Initially I was going to say watch a feel good movie, but then I changed my mind. I rarely watch movies at the moment. I'm instead addicted to particular shows - I blame my mother for this - such as Grey's and Supergirl. My brother would suggest Sex And The City post breakup and I would have to agree. Friends is another great one if you need a laugh. There are literally so many fantastic shows to choose from that you can have your pick.

4. Eat Chocolate

Fact: Eating chocolate makes me feel better. Someone once told me that this is because chocolate increases your levels of endorphins. It also tastes divine! What other excuse do you need? Eat and feel happy I say! 

5. Splurge on Affordables 

Treat yourself to items that won't break the bank such as pretty notebooks and stationery. My biggest vice happens to be collecting any and all notepads with inspirational quotes splashed across the front. So when this little beauty dropped on my doorstep you can imagine how thrilled I was! This one was kindly sent to me by Sarah of small independent design company, Two Little Boys, but if you fancy grabbing one of these for yourself then check out their website. Home of unique gifts since 2002, you're sure to find something to put a smile on your face! :)

6. Go For A Walk Somewhere Different

I love the great outdoors, but sometimes doing the same old trek can become tiresome and boring. So why not mix it up a little? I like to try new places in the Lake District. It's simply beautiful there. I know that many of you don't live in the North West so you can't just pop over to Windermere or the likes, but find somewhere in your own vicinity that is quiet and picturesque. 

7. Plan A Road Trip 

The most important part in planning a road trip is choosing your company well! For me I tend to go on little jaunts with my sisters and nephews or specific friends. We put on some tunes, drive out into the country and stop off for lunch somewhere nice. A little bit of sunshine is always a plus too. Make sure you fill up the tank and pack some sun cream just in case!

8. Write A List

I'm not sure why, but writing lists always makes me feel better about things. When it's about self improvement, I'll often jot down extreme things such as plastic surgery! I'm not saying I'm going to get plastic surgery, it's actually more the act of writing the list and contemplating the possibilities that makes me feel okay again. When it's about blog related things, I'll assign myself little goals to work towards. If it's about a guy I'm trying to get over, it's a pros and cons list! Trust me this one really helps! Especially if your cons list is four times longer than your pros! ;)

Obviously there are plenty of other things you could try to lift your spirits and make you feel happy but I hope you find some of these ideas helpful. How do you cheer yourself up when you're feeling low? What makes you happy? 

Sending you all lots of love xxx


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  2. ll of these are great but treating myself is def something that makes me happy ha and some chocolate! x

    S x

  3. Treating myself and chocolate are definitely my two favourite ways of cheering myself up. In fact, I'm currently eating chocolate because I'm feeling pretty miserable (thanks to laryngitis) and tomorrow I'm going to be treating myself! Great tips, hun. x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x


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