Classing Up Your Kitchen*

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Does your kitchen feel kitsch? Bringing a touch of sophistication to your kitchen needn’t cost a lot of money. There are easy ways to reorganise it and rid it of the naff d├ęcor in order to make it a kitchen to be proud of.

Tackle clutter

Clutter isn’t good for the mind, nor is it good for practicality. Keep your counter-tops clutter free by getting creative with storage solutions. If you’ve got multiple appliances all fighting for room, put them away in a cupboard when not in use, or buy a sideboard in another room to keep them all in. Swap out a knife rack for a magnetic strip on the wall. Similarly consider hooks, shelves and wall mounted cages for keeping crockery in such as spatulas and wooden spoons. This will keep your surfaces clear and make it more presentable.

Class up your glassware

Don’t settle for cheap drinking implements. Make an impressions on your guests with some funky glassware. Glasses can make great gifts for women, especially those with a touch of luxury such as crystalware and silverware. Don’t be afraid to throw away some mugs to make room – we all have far too many.

Switch up your worktop

Changing the material of your worktop is likely to be a fair sized job, but can make a huge impression. Laminated woods and various plastics can do the job, but if you want to go the extra mile, why not consider a luxury material like marble, quartz or granite? These can be a little more expensive, although you can get convincing plastic alternatives. Go for a bold white or black that’s likely to make an impact.  

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Brighten up with chrome

Putting chrome in your kitchen can give it a shiny and clean feel. Stainless steel chrome worktops may be a little too much, giving the impression of a canteen. However, smaller features can make great focal point such as drawer pulls or your tap and sink. Having a fancy tap can especially revitalise your kitchen. There are lots of chrome pull taps out there that can be great for washing around the sink and cleaning pots and pans more thoroughly. You can even go extra hi-tech and buy a boiling hot water tap, eliminating the need to ever use a kettle again.

Bring colour to your cabinets

Cabinets can grow faded after time, or even worse start to peel. If this is the case with your cabinets, you needn’t buy new ones but simply splash a new layer of paint on them. Colour
co-ordinate this with the rest of the kitchen, and you’ll give it more immediate impact. Whites and light woody colours are good for bringing brightness to your kitchen. That said, dark mahoganies can also look nice in the right kind of home. In some cases you may even be able to get away with a gaudy colour such as a glossy lime green – however this isn’t for everyone and could just make some kitchens look uglier.

*This post has been contributed by Sam Jones

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