What Your Appearance Will Look Like After You Quit Smoking*

*This is a collaborative post*

If you stop smoking it will definitely bring you some health benefits. You may notice some of these benefits immediately, however, others will take some time to kick in. If you want to see what you will look like if you quit smoking versus what you'll look like if you continue to smoke, then you should use the Age Me software.

While it may be difficult to predict how your appearance will improve after you stop smoking, you will be able to get a good idea of how you will look if you continue to smoke. Research has shown that there are major benefits people receive after they stop smoking.

Younger and Clearer Skin

Smoking can lead to skin discoloration and the development of premature wrinkles. While quitting may not result in the disappearance of these, it will slow down the development of any new wrinkles.

When you quit smoking, you no longer have carbon monoxide intruding into your blood and blocking oxygen flow to your skin. That means collagen production will return to normal levels which will make your skin look healthier.

White Teeth

Oral health is one of the most visible and common issues for smokers. Smoking can lead to yellowing or blackening of your teeth and sometimes can cause decay which can lead to tooth loss.

Quitting may not be able to bring back your teeth, but studies have shown the yellow tinge disappears over time.

Bright Eyes

Many smokers have tired, reddish eyes. This is caused by irritants that the eyes are exposed to on a regular basis. Smoke can stop the body from regulating it's parts and your eyes are extremely sensitive.

Facial Wrinkles

It's difficult to reduce or reverse wrinkles, even if cosmetic companies want you to believe otherwise. Most of the anti-aging products on the market are preventative in nature. They seek to stop new wrinkles from forming, not remedy your current wrinkles.

The process of wrinkle development that is linked to smoking will slow down if you quit. Another plus is that the appearance of any current wrinkles will be reduced.

Healthier Skin After Prolonged Damage

After consistently living a healthy lifestyle, your facial wrinkles will subside. This is something that needs to be done at a physical and nutritional level. You need to eat the right foods to ensure you're getting the correct levels of any essential nutrients.

The standard old-fashioned nutrition advice applies here. Avoid bad foods, especially if you know they are not good for your skin's health. You will also want to exercise on a regular basis, which can do wonders to giving your skin a healthy glowing appearance.

There are many appearance benefits to quitting smoking. However, they are not well documented. Some of the more serious medical issues tend to receive most of the academic focus. However, the Age Me software has been proven to be effective in some smoking cessation programs.

We are delighted that predictive imaging can be used to help smokers with quitting or you can try e cigarettes which contains e-liquid.

*Collaborative Post

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